10 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used Car

So you want to buy a used car, and you want to buy it soon. But how do you go about doing that? You could buy it from a friend or family member. You could buy it from a dealership, or a used car lot. Or you can get some useful info as well as view pictures online before you even look at the car in person. Classifieds websites are great for getting lots of info about the vehicle you are looking to buy, and can even give you some car ideas that you wouldn’t have had without it. But that’s just the start. After you get as much information as you can about the vehicle, it’s time to ask questions, and lots of them. Without asking good questions about the car’s history, you could be scammed into buying a piece of junk for much more than it’s worth. chaussures running asics While it’s great to ask lots of questions, there are some very important ones that you must ask if you want to ensure a successful car purchase. These questions include questions to ask the car owner as well as questions to ask yourself. Here are the 10 most important questions to ask before buying a car. mu legend power leveling 10 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE BUYING A USED CAR 1 – “What’s with this damage?” – While inspecting the vehicle or talking with the owner of the car, ask about major damages. “What is this big dent over here?” and “When did this get torn up?” will work great. ugg bailey bow for cheap You want to really look at the car, and check for any physical damages that stand out. Their answers could tell you a lot, not just their words but how they say it. new balance 446 sos It could also land you a better deal on the car. mu2legendzen air jordan spizike Nike Air Max Femme 2 – “Was this mentioned in the listing?” – As well as major damages to the car, check for anything that depreciates the value of the car that wasn’t mentioned in the cars for sale ad or listing. If it is something you would want repaired if you were to buy the car, estimate how much and ask them if they can give you a lower price. nike air max command soldes Every bit of money counts. 3 – “How many miles does it have?” – Whether or not it was listed in the ad, you should ask and then check how many miles the car has been driven in it’s lifetime. If the owner lied about the miles on the car, it could call for a decrease in the current listing price. Asics Gel Lyte 5 Donna Bianche This is a good question to ask yourself as well, because the more miles a car has driven, the higher chance it has for constant repairs. 4 – “What’s your lowest price?” – This should be one of the first questions you ask yourself and one of the last you ask the car owner. Know from the beginning what your bottom price is that you would pay (and adjust it accordingly), and ask the owner what their bottom price is. 5 – “Can my mechanic take a look at it first?” – This is a very important question, as it will show you if the car is good to drive or not, and you will find out in two different ways. If the car owner says “No they cannot take a look at it”, you know it’s not a good buy. If the car owner says “Yes they can”, you will find out as soon as your mechanic gives you the word. asics gel lyte Also read “Top ten popular car in Middle East” 6 – “Has it been well maintained?” – You want to know if they have been keeping up with oil changes, car washes, interior cleanings, small under the hood repairs. Ask them more in depth questions (from your research) and make sure they have been taking care of it. Adidas France 7 – “Is it currently insured and registered?” – The last thing you want to do after buying your car is to find out you have to pay hefty extra fees because the car wasn’t registered or insured. You are the owner now, which means you have to pay the fees. 8 – “What is the upkeep on this car?” – Different cars have different upkeep costs. Nike Noir ROSHE RUN A car that takes high-grade fuel/gasoline and only full-synthetic oil and has the highest-grade tires and wheels will have a steeper upkeep than a car with regular gas and oil. 9 – “How long has the car been listed on the market?” – You want to get a feel for how long they’ve been trying to sell this thing. The longer a car sits without selling, the better chance the owner will lower the price. ugg boots on sale Tell them you will check back later to see if it sold yet. asics soldes They might even lower their price on the spot. Andre Ethier Authentic Jersey 10 – “Can you sign a bill of sale or similar document?” – On top of transferring of pink slip into your hands, and signing the car off to you, you should also type or write up your own bill of sale. Butler Bulldogs Jerseys It can even be a self-written bill of sale on a piece of notebook paper. air max 2017 verde uomo Make sure you write the date, the text saying you purchased the car from this person (full names), and both yours and the seller’s signatures. air jordan 23 Air Max 90 Nero Donna CONCLUSION Think about what car you want to buy, and do as much research you can about the type of car in general as well as the specific cars that you are looking to buy from someone.

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