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Sell Your Unwanted Goods on

Remember the saying someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure? Well someone out there might just be waiting to snap up your unwanted everyday household items! There are so many misconceptions out there about the value of general goods. NIKE FREE RN Many people think that old kettles, sporting equipment and DVDs are worthless – but it couldn’t be further from the truth. By selling these items on you can free up space at home and make some extra cash. mu2legendzen is about local face-to-face trading so it is very simple to off-load your unwanted possessions to someone in your neighbourhood. Here are six tips to selling your unwanted good on 1. nike italy milano Check – first check to see how much other sellers have listed their items for on, by selling for a lesser amount could help secure a fast sale. Air Jordan 14 Homme 2. How old is the item – with basic everyday household items generally the newer the item is the more you will be able to get for it. Some questions to ask when determining the price are: Is this a trusted brand? Is it the newest model? How much was this brand new? 3. buy mu legend zen Womens Air Jordan 6 Include the instructions manual – this is especially for technology items or gadgets and kitchen appliances. It can help raise the perceived value of the item. Nike Air Max 90 Donna 4. FLYKNIT LUNAR3 Present the product well – to get the most from your item give the item a good clean or polish and present it well in your photos, this will help catch the eye of potential buyers. 5. Under Armour Scorpione Sell lower-value items together – items like a toaster, kettles and sandwich makers work well together and help appeal to those looking to update their kitchen. Fjällräven Kånken 6. Don’t feel guilty about letting go of items you have a personal attachment to – it’s amazing how good you feel when you get extra cash for that ‘unwanted present’. Womens Air Jordan 6 If in doubt think of a price that feels right and add 10 per cent.

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Tips to Help Write an Awesome Resume

Weather you are changing jobs or looking to start your career you will you most probably be entering into a field full of cut throat competition. Washington State Cougars Jerseys Hiring managers have stacks of resumes, portfolios and idea pitches on their desk. So how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Following are a few tips on how you can do just that: Presentation The physical presentation of your resume is the first thing you need to perfect. Houston Rockets If your resume has uneven margins, crinkled paper or too much clutter, a recruiter is that much more likely to toss it aside. wow gold A sloppy resume says you are a sloppy person. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames wit Organize based on experience If you have relevant job experience, such as internships or entry level positions, put that prominently at the top. Otherwise highlight your education, degree(s) and skills learned. Use relevant information Part of being concise is deciding what should stay and what should go. Focus on the information that will help you get the job. White space Clutter is a resume killer. mu legend zen for sale HR professionals have stacks of resumes to choose from, make yours clear, concise and easy to read. Air Foamposite One Spelling & Grammar Always use active verbs, a spell checker and consistency of style. mu2legendzen Get your resume proofread before you submit. Nike Air Max 2016 Nero Uomo Cover Letter A personalized cover letter shows you care about the position and you have the brains to put together a couple of well written paragraphs. Fjallraven Kanken Mini According to ‘The Society of Human Resources Management’, 76 percent of recruiters won’t even consider a resume without a cover letter. Gaps in employment You are a student so this should not be very hard to explain, but large spaces of unemployment can make uneasy. Miami Hurricanes Be sure to explain anything odd looking. Nike Air Max 90 męskie Short job stints A bunch of temporary jobs attract some red flags. Why have you changed so many jobs? Are you indecisive? Are employers not happy? Either group relevant jobs or leave out unnecessary positions. adidas stan smith pas cher When you submit your resume make sure the recruiter can clearly find any skills or qualities you have learned that can be transferred into this new position. If you have any other tips please enter them as a comment below.

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