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5 Items you Should Think Twice About Before Buying Used

buying usedThe eternal dilemma between buying a new stuff and buying used stuff is tormenting people all over the world from the beginning of trade. There is one percent of human population which is not concerned with this question. Like Jarvis Cocker said, they will never do what common people do and they will never fail like common people. But here, we are talking about common people. The math of buying is pretty simple. If you want to save some money, get used things. You can easily save more than half a price buying used cars, books, tools, etc. However, there are things you should never buy second-hand, even if price is very tempting.


After a period of time, every pair of shoes, more or less, modifies to get the shape of your foot. What are the odds to find an identical pair of twins for your feet? The chances are the same as to get hit by lightning twice in one day or to win grand lottery ticket. Problems with wearing used shoes can go from discomfort, blisters, ankle injury to foot infection or back problems. Buying used shoes is particularly problematic with kids because their feet are changing rapidly. If you think that you’ve saved some bucks buying old shoes, wait for the bill from your physician.


If you have really strong stomach then you should consider buying a used one. Just imagine what that old mattresses have gone through and how you’ll sleep with someone else’s mites, bodily fluids, and dead skin cells.  Not to mention the bed bugs. They feed on human blood while whistling the “food around the corner” tune and they can leave pretty itchy bite marks on your skin. Be wise and always buy new mattresses. Sleep tight and don’t let the used mattresses’ bugs bite.


Here we are talking about mobile devices, not desktop computers. There is a greater chance of damage by banging, scratching, dropping or spilling on something with laptop than desktop computers, since they are always at the same place. You cannot know how the previous owner maintained a laptop. It can run smoothly when you try it, and simply stop when you get home due to some hardware malfunction.

Child car seats

According to statistics there are more than half a million used child car seats bought last year in the United Kingdom. That means that more than a million parents puts their kids to risk. Maybe used car seats don’t meet the current safety standards or the instructions for installing are missing. There can be small, non-visible cracks or some other damage. This kind of stuff you should always buy new and so avoid putting your child’s life to risk by trusting a stranger.


Similar to child car seats, helmet’s main purpose is to protect your head from one and only one accident. Whether it’s bike helmet, snowboard or motorcycle helmet, always buy new because they are not much expensive, and for literally couple of bucks you are risking your life. Replace your helmet after a single crash, even a very small one and even if it looks undamaged.  You can never be 100 % sure that helmet is faultless after an incident.


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How to Handle Yourself in an Interview

job interview tipsHow to Handle Yourself in an Interview

Interview for the job can be very stressful experience. By following some key rules for job interview success, you can reduce that stress to a minimum.

Before any job interview, you have to do your homework which includes good research on the position you are applying for and the company itself. Find out who are the CEO and the president, what are the firm’s aims and objectives, the annual gross and, of course, who are its biggest competitors. The better the position, the better candidates will apply, so you have to do your best in the interview to get yourself to the top of the contest list. It is necessary to have good interviewing skills in order to get a decent job.

There is no such thing as dress code for a job interview, but wear clothes you feel comfortable in, yet not too unconventional. Don’t be late, always show up on time. Hide your weakness and convey confidence. Don’t let them see you sweating and don’t play too much with your fingers. Be sure to have a breath freshener. Offer your interviewer a firm four-second handshake and constant eye contact showing that you are positive and enthusiastic person.

The first impression is very important. Be calm and friendly with the interviewer and try not to overplay because you’ll look desperate for the job. Always show that you are a “can do” worker. As a sign of courtesy, you should stand up whenever someone is entering or leaving the room. Be honest when answering the questions and try spinning all the negative background into positive. For example, bring out the positive side of getting fired from previous job by telling the interviewer that you gained experience which made you a better employee. Never talk about your former employers in a bad light even if you are not pleased with them.

Take advantage of seemingly easy “tell me about yourself” question by bringing out your best accomplishments in previous jobs. Show them that you are ethical worker with integrity and spine. Your potential employer should feel your enthusiasm and your desire for the job. They want to be sure that hiring you is the best thing for the company. Don’t bring up the subjects you are not good at. Always have the full control in conversation by assuring them that you are a problem solver.

Respond to questions by brief answers and avoid answering with “I am”, “I will”, “I believe”, “I don’t know” or “I think”. If you need time to answer some provoking question, don’t be hasty. Tell them that you need a minute to think and provide them with the best possible solution. Be free to ask her or him questions about the job, the working environment, and management style. That will show your experience, intelligence and maturity.

When the salary question pops up, you should try to delay responding as long as possible. You can say that you will discuss salary when both sides agree that you are the right choice for them. At the end of the job interview, thank them for a pleasant conversation.

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5 Things You Should Always Buy Used

used cars5 Things You Should Always Buy Used

Buying used products is a future millionaire’s secret strategy which can save you thousands of dollars per year. You have to invest your money wisely, because not all used stuff are welcome in your home so here is a list of things worth buying second hand.

1.   At the top of the saving list is buying a used car. According to statistics, car industry quality is higher and higher every year which means the highest level of dependability. For example, let us take two cars of the same model – a used and a new one. Used car is two years old and gets you great quality with huge savings. Buying a two year old vehicle can save you around $5,000. Biggest problem in buying a new car is the fact that vehicle value depreciate the minute you leave the shop.

2.   Your kid looks so cute in a brand new shirt making you, a proud parent, so pleased. Take a photo of your baby in that shirt – it will last longer, because your baby will outgrow it in a month. You end up with expensive piece of cloth that has been worn once or twice. Save up to 90 percent by choosing used stuff for your kid or 180% if you have twins. It is not worth spending top-dollars for new baby outfit when you can dress your baby in designer clothes by Ralph Loren, Quick Silver and Baby Gap for much less.  Baby toys and nursery furniture are also good way to save money. However, avoid buying used child car seats and cribs because of the safety risks.

3.   Is there a smell in the whole universe that can beat the smell of the old books? Hell no! That is the first reason for buying old books. The second is, believe it or not, the words in the old books are exactly the same as words in new books. Third reason is that you can save up to 90%. Used books are cheaper than most e-books. Many pros and no cons. If you don’t have enough time to  wait for the new Harry Potter book to get old and buy it half a price, hurry up to take a good place in the line in front of the bookstore.

4.   Sport and exercise equipment is lying around many basements, garages and attics collecting dust. Many owners wanted, but didn’t have time nor will to exercise. That is your perfect opportunity to buy almost new things, just check there’s no rust and take it home for some serious workout.

5.   Video games are similar sources of amusement as honeymoon – they don’t last very long, yet they are very expensive. For the price of one new game, you can get the whole series if you decide to buy it used. Their prices range from 10 to 70 percent lower than the new items. It takes less than 50 hours to complete the game which means you don’t have to wait long for the desired game to hit the second-hand markets. If you are a patient gamer, you can make big savings.

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What You Should Know Before You Buy A Used Car?

used carsWhat You Should Know Before You Buy A Used Car?

You need a new car, you even saved some money, but it’s not enough for a new and expensive model. You decided to buy a used vehicle, but since you’re not an expert you’re afraid you’ll be taken to the cleaners. There are many things you should know before buying used car. Nevertheless, there is a choice between a car dealer and a private seller. First choice is more expensive because of the car dealer’s interest. Here are some tips and advices before you get to the car market.

· First, take a good look at the car. Check for any type of damage, scratches, rust spots, dents, loose parts. Be sure to check under hood too, check Vehicle Identification Number.

· Check the hoses and belts if they have some cracks. Push the fender down and check suspension.

· Check the car interior for any damage, stains, rips. Look at the dashboard for the mileage. Try if the seat belts work. Turn on the air condition and make sure it is blowing cold air. Also try the cabin heater. Try to turn all lights, indicators, siren, electric windows, car radio, and car computer if there is any. See if there is spare tire in the trunk.

· Look under the bonnet if the car is repainted.

· After all checking and looking, now it’s time to start up the engine. If the weather is cold and the engine starts at first turn of the key, then this is a good sign. Listen very carefully the engine sound. The sound of the motor running should be even, without any hick ups or squeaking or some strange vibrations. Pull the handbrake and try to move the car to check if the handbrake works.

· One of the most important things when it comes to inspecting the condition of a second-hand car is the test drive. Test all the gears including reverse. Changing the gears should be smooth and easy. Try the breaks by pressing the pedal hard and make sure that the car is decelerating properly. Enjoy the ride and try to feel how the car behaves on the road.

· After finishing the test drive, if you are satisfied, check the car history and the bargaining part. It is recommended that you should look for a second opinion. The best way to do it is to have the car checked by a professional mechanic. A must do thing is to go through all the documentaton including warranty. Be sure if the chassis number and engine number are matching with numbers in Registration papers.

After the inspection has been done, it’s time for negotiation. Don’t be hasty. Sleep on it. Don’t buy the first car you see. Know your needs. Use your knowledge as a weapon, because you should have some knowledge after all that research. When you came to some reasonable price with the seller, shake hands. Buy it. Congratulations! All you have to do is finish some paperwork and take your new car where it belongs. Not garage. Take it to the open road and ride your beauty to the sunset.


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