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What makes you a Perfect Tenant in the Eyes of a Landlord

Find Out What makes you a Perfect Tenant in the Eyes of a Landlord

Most landlords are very picky when selecting a good tenant for their rental. Since property owners don’t have enough time to really get to know each potential tenant, you as a renter have to know several universal characteristics landlords like to see. Perfect tenant in the eyes of a landlord depends on the individual preferences of the landlord. Factors that make a perfect tenant are various and numerous but, as mentioned before there are some ground rules for being a perfect renter. All landlords are int
What makes you a Perfect Tenant in the Eyes of a LandlordAfter you spent a couple of weeks, sometimes months, at the apartment rental market you have finally found a nice apartment with good location close to your work. All the other important things such as the grocery shop, restaurants, laundry shop, and hospital are nearby. There is just one small problem – you have to beat other 25 applicants for that specific apartment.erested in three things – paying rent on time (the golden rule for tenants), keeping the rental place tidy without any wrecking and good relations with neighbors.

You have to stand out of the crowd and make sure the future landlord likes you. You have to pass the screening procedure and ensure the landlord that you are a trustworthy person. Know your needs and know your budget. Remember that some landlords don’t allow pets in their apartments. If you rented before, obtain a rental resume containing full reference letters from the previous landlords or property managers. Convince them that you are a perfect tenant.

Good income will increase your chances because every landlord checks the credit score of a potential lodger. Make sure to have enough money in the bank account, so that you are able to cover the expenses of the landlord, and other possible fees.

There is no official dress code when meeting the landlord, but at least wear something clean. In many points, a search for a good apartment and a search for a good job are the same. Make a great first impression by using your attitude and clothes.

Never be late for the meeting with a landlord. Actually, you can be a couple of minutes early. This way you are sending message that you are always on time and that you’ll pay your rent on time.

Before you sign your lease read it carefully from cover to cover to avoid potential problems. If you are a pet owner don’t lie about it. Sooner or later your pet will be discovered by a cautious landlord and you can be evicted. If you have a rental resume that shows your pet is behaving well, present it to the landlord. If pets are allowed, clean up after them. If you are a dog owner, keep him on the leash when going out.

Landlords like long-term tenants who are able to solve minor issues by themselves. Just play along with the game and you will be happy for a long time in your perfect apartment.

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Most Popular Places to Rent in Beirut

most popular place to stay in beirut

Beirut sits on a shore of Mediterranean Sea with population of over 2 million inhabitants. It is the largest city in Lebanon, also the capital city and the biggest seaport. Beirut’s climate is Mediterranean with warm days and nights so if you’re going to Beirut in spring or autumn, don’t forget your warm clothes, and umbrella if you’re going in winter time.  In Beirut’s 5,000 years old history there were many catastrophic accidents like earthquakes, tidal waves, fire, also bombing in newer days, but nothing managed to destroy its spirit. We all know the old story about the bird Phoenix.

This year Beirut became the most expensive city in Middle East leaving Abu Dhabi (UAE) in the second place.

There are more than 130 hotels in Beirut. Some of them are “crème de la crème” hotels such as: Four Seasons Hotel Beirut (5 stars), Hotel Albergo (5 stars) and Le Gray Beirut (5 stars).  For the top class hotels you have to pay more than $250 per night, but it’s worth it.
Lebanon’s Capital joins the club of 30 most expensive retail rental cities in the world. It is more expensive than many European capitals like Prague, Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki. Beirut is listed as the most expensive among 12 countries in the Middle East and Africa region.

If you are more rental type, here is a list of the most popular places to rent in Beirut.
One of the most popular rental locations is the Beirut central district where you’ll have to pay $1,847 (1,470 Euros) per square meter. However, it is lower than global average of $2,272 (EUR 1,808) but, on the other hand, it is higher than Middle East and Africa average of (EUR 779) per square meter.

Also, popular locations are: Achrafieh, Sayfi, Tallet El Khayat, Sassine, Clemenceau, Verdun, Geitawi, and Hamra. Achrafieh is the old part of town.  It’s a combination of residential (numerous neighborhoods) and commercial (prestigious office buildings) district. Saifi Village, located southeast of the downtown, is residential area, also known as Le Quartier des Arts. Its hallmark is boutiques, art galleries, and antique stores. One of the major commercial districts of Beirut is Hamra with numerous restaurants, hotels, and top fashion stores. The rental price depends on location and the property type (apartment, duplex, hotel, house, land, shop, penthouse, restaurant, or studio). The yearly rental price for apartments goes up to $2,800,000 – this particular 401 m2 apartment being in Sayfi.  If you have that amount of money to spend for one year rental, you will be blessed by beautiful location near the beach with breathtaking view of the sea and calm surrounding.  This property is equipped with four bedrooms, two receptions and two parking spaces. Apartments in Achrafieh are among the expensive ones. For example, the 375 m2 apartment (4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a dining room, and one parking space) costs USD 1,350,000 per year. The cheapest apartment for rent is located in Hamra. There you can find fully furnished apartments for 800 USD per one year Contract. Apartments in this price range are usually small containing one bedroom, one living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Average price per month in city center for one bedroom apartment is $712, for 3 bedrooms is $1,955. Average rent per month outside of center for one bedroom apartment is $438, for 3 bedrooms is $944.

Every year 2 million tourists visit Beirut and enjoy in its culture, night life, and theaters. Beirut is connected to the rest of the world through tourism and it is fascinating place where people are trying and succeeding to leave violent history behind.

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