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Come Join the Community! Introducing the new Community Category for

Your Free Community Classifieds Community - Connect with Local Like Minded People

Hey fellow classified goers. We are happy to announce two brand new categories for – Community & Business Services.

So what are they & how do I use them you might be asking? Well in this blog post we are going to take you through the new community section to give you an idea of what you can post and expect to find there.

Think of the community section just like you would a community town hall. Its a place to share and connect with other people. Looking for a squash partner, no worries, want to swap Arabic for French, stop on by, starting a new reading group, we have you covered! So lets check out what you can expect from each section:

Artists & Theatres

Here you can advertise your acting skills, find theatre groups, post your production to find people who would want to be apart of it, and connect with other like minded artists.

Babysitting & Childcare

Babysitting & Childcare is where you can find a reliable babysitter or if you offer a childcare service, then this area is where you could advertise your service.

Community Bands & MusicBands, Musicians & DJ’s

If you are looking for that elusive 4th band member or want to hire a DJ for a party then this is where you can find them. Alternatively strap on that Guitar and advertise your lessons  or post about your skills as a Singer and rock on.

Car Lift & Rideshare

Are you planning a car trip somewhere and have spare seats? Well let people know in the Car Lift & Rideshare category. Or maybe you are looking for somewhere to go and need a ride, well post your trip details for all to see.


Do you offer a class in something and want to find additional students, then the Classes category is where you can post your ad. If you’re looking to learn then please stop on by as well.


Looking for professionally run courses where you can get recognisable qualifications? Then the Education section is for you. If you are looking for students post an ad telling them everything your perfect student can expect.

Events, Gigs & Nightlife

So you have organised a big event or gig – now how do I tell people about it. Well here is your answer. Just advertise it in the Events, Gigs & Nightlife section and rock on.

Hip Hop DancingFitness, Dance & Health

Start your trip to a healthy lifestyle in our Fitness, Dance & Health category. Dance classes, healthy alternatives, physiotherapy can all be found or advertised here. Freelancers Are you a Freelancer with some serious skills to share. Well you might consider posting them in this category. Tell the world – right here.

Groups & Clubs

Trying to spread the word for a new club or group you have set up? Starting a reading club, gardening weekends then advertise here with anything & everything else!

Skill & Language Swap

We all want to learn right. Well here is a way you can do it for free. Just advertise here to swap something you are awesome at for something you want. French for Arabic, Arabic for Ski Lessons – Give it a shot.

Sports Teams & Partners

Looking for a squash partner, walking group, football team? The Sports Teams & Partners category is a great way to get motivated and get active!

Travel & Travel Partners

Like to Travel? Have you had some crazy adventures? Or are you in a new area and just want to meet some people for a coffee. Try posting here in our Travel & Travel Partners category.

So there you have it the guide to our new Community section. There is something for everyone so go on over and post an ad now.

Join the bey3 Community – jump to your area and post an ad:


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Next week the guide to the new Services category. Stay tuned… Happy Holidays from the whole, Team

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