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Beirut is Home to the Worlds Largest Collection of Tiny Cars…Model Cars that is.

We can’t all afford a collection of BMW’s, adidas nmd uomo Porsche’s and Lamborghini’s so whats the next best thing? A collection of the miniature versions of course!
بما أننا لا نستطيع جميعاً تحمل تكاليف سيارات بى إم دبليو، بورش، لامبورغينى فما خيارنا التالي أذن؟ بالطبع سيكون مجموعة من إصدارات مصغرة لهذه السيارات!

“بيلى كرم” ببيروت ، لبنان فعل ذلك بالضبط. Derrick Henry Jerseys ويقول “لا يمكنك شراء سيارة كبيرة، لذا يمكنك شراء آلاف من الصغيرة بدلاً منها”. nike air max flyknit mujer جمع “كرم” أكثر من 400 صورة خاصة و30.000 سيارة مختلفة الموديل وبذلك يكون قد كون أكبر مجموعة سيارات صغيرة فى العالم وقد تم تسجيلها في موسوعة جينيس للارقام القياسية العالمية.
ما هو نوع السيارة المفضل لدى كرم؟ قال كرم انه يحب البورش ويملك موديلات عديدة من السيارات البورش. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit كما أعتاد أن يكون سائق هاوي في سباقات السيارات ويمكنك إيجاد العديد من الصور له أثناء مشاركته في مثل هذه السباقات.
يمكنك أن تشاهد ذلك بالفيديو أدناه:

والآن إذا كنت ترغب في شراء سيارة حقيقة بدلا من ذلك، يمكنك مشاهدة قوائم سياراتنا في لبنان.
Billy Karam of Beirut, nike air max 2017 mujer Lebanon did exactly that – “You cannot buy the big ones, nike pas cher so you buy a thousand of the small ones instead,” says Karam. Von Miller With a collection of over 400 dioramas & 30,000 different model cars Karam has amassed the largest collection in the world verified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Maglie Portland Trail Blazers What’s Karam’s favourite car type? He has a particular weakness for all things Porsche and owns some great Porsche car models. Nike Air Max 2016 Femme He also used to be an amateur racing driver and glancing at the different dioramas you will actually see different races he participated in. Chicago Bulls Check out a video of the collection below: Interested in buying a full size car instead? Check out our car listings in Lebanon.

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Advantages Of Classifieds Websites

Classifieds websites have grown over the years, and in today’s world you can post anything from your car to your apartment! In the classifieds world, everyone is either selling something or buying something, and you can score some great stuff with just a few clicks and quick email or phone call. There are so many advantages of classifieds websites, and it goes beyond the simple convenience of browsing merchandise on the Internet. If you are selling something on a classifieds website, you should also know how to post a successful ad on it. First let’s talk about the advantages of classifieds websites.
Advantages Of Classifieds Websites:
#1 – It’s quite simple and fun. Classifieds websites allow you to take a picture of something, list the picture with a brief description on their website, and then take people’s emails and phone calls to get it sold. #2 – Local buyers and sellers. AIR ZOOM ELITE 9

With classifieds websites, you are able to make a deal with someone in person, and see the merchandise before you pay anything. #3 – No shipping fees. You don’t have to worry about shipping fees or damages with classifieds, because everything is done locally in person. #4 – Mostly no listing fees. You don’t have to worry about insane listing fees, in fact most websites and most categories are free to post as many classifieds as you want. #5 – You make the rules. By being a seller on a classifieds website, you are the one who makes the rules. You decide where to meet, how much you are willing to take, and how you are contacted. Now besides advantages, you also need to know how to post a successful ad if you are ever going to get your item sold in a short period of time. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Many people follow the step-by-step instructions, and they choose a title and write their description, then upload their photos and choose their price and POST. However, there’s a lot more that goes into each section, and each one needs to have an equal amount of effort put into it in order to have a perfect ad. Zapatillas AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO The five most important things to think about when selling and posting a classifieds ad are the title, description, the photos, the price, and your availability.
How To Post A Successful Classifieds Ad:
( click here to post a free ad )
#1 – TITLE: First let’s talk about the title. Your title needs to be brief, but give as much info as you can in the smallest space possible. No unnecessary words here. Fjallraven Kanken Large Specify the brand name, model number, and what the “thing” is called, as well as quantity if you have more than one. #2 – DESCRIPTION: The next important aspect of someone even finding your ad is your description. Your description needs to start with the most important info, and then should have even further detailed paragraphs that explain the item further. The reason you want a long description is because classifieds searches return searches based on keywords in the title AND/OR description, which means the longer the description and the more keywords, the better chance you have at getting your ad found by someone who actually wants to buy what you’re selling. #3 – PHOTOS: Next are the photos you upload with your posting. ZOOM ALL OUT

It is perfectly fine to take photos with your cell phone, because many cell phones have better resolution than some cameras. However, take quality into consideration with every shot. adidas messi astro Most classifieds don’t allow many pictures, so each one counts. Make sure the photos are crisp, bright, and show the most important parts of what you are selling. #4 – PRICE: You should already have the lowest price in your head before you talk to anyone. Negotiators are everywhere, and they lurk on classifieds sites. Nike Air Huarache Men

You post your TV for $200, and someone shows up and wants $100 for it instead. Notre Dame Fighting Irish You must have your lowest price in your head before you talk to anyone, because people will haggle you for the lowest possible price. #5 – AVAILABILITY: Finally, your availability matters with classifieds, both first contact as well as the final meeting and sale. Make sure you are clear with how to be contacted. If you only respond to email, say that in your ad, and stick to it. And make sure you tell your possible customer where to meet you, when to meet you, and be early to the location you set. And if you really want a successful ad, you will add details in your ad that tell people the exact days and times you will be available, making it easier for someone to make a buying decision if they know when they are able to purchase it.
Posting a classifieds ad can be fun AND profitable,
Posting classifieds doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact it can be a lot of fun when you follow these quick guidelines and get posting. You will make your first sale, then your second, and before you know it you’ll be looking around wondering what else you can post for sale. There are so many advantages of classifieds websites, and these types of websites are here to stay because of the global buzz at local levels. Take a look at a classified website now, and have your first post up in just minutes.

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Beat the January Blues – Proven Habits of Amazingly Happy People

Happy Friday All,
Struggling to get through January? The holiday period a faded memory?
Well I was sent this article about the Habits of Exuberant Human Beings the other day (its an old one but a good one!) and thought it was definitely worth sharing.

There is a popular theory, Zapatillas ROSHE RUN created by Martin Seligman (the father of positive psychology) that while 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, Womens Air Jordan 13 the remaining 40 percent is up to us. The article goes on to state some pretty simple but highly effective things we can all do to build a happy lifestyle.
I wont list them all here just a few of the ones that jumped out. The article is definitely worth a read so go check it out.
1. Knock Knock….

Yep you may have heard it before but there actually could be some truth in the old saying, Soldes Nike Pour Homme laughter really is the best medicine.
Laughing releases endorphins that increase pleasure, FREE 5.0 can reduce stress and more.
So crack out the joke book and share the laughter.
2. Stop & Appreciate Simple Pleasures

Life is full of simple pleasures but often we can be too busy to even notice.
A favorite song comes on the radio, Virginia Cavaliers Jerseys a cool breeze on a hot day, adidas superstar 80s homme someone letting you in during the morning rush. ADIDAS ZX 750 BARATAS Taking a brief moment to appreciate these small seemingly inconsequential things can help with appreciating the bigger picture.
3. Air Huarache Donna

Devote Some Time to Giving
Spending some of your time doing good for others has been found to give you an effect that researchers call the ‘helper’s high’.
Volunteering has been proven to reduce depression, increases overall happiness and can benefit you as much as giving up smoking!
4. I found 10000 ways that won’t work

The quote from Thomas Edison shows true resilience, which is an important characteristic when it comes to happiness.
Psychologist Peter Kramer says that resilience is the opposite of depression, instead of happiness, and resilience is like a padding for the inevitable hardship human beings are bound to face.
A great Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times and stand up eight.”
5. Get the proper amount of rest

Did you know that you will spend up to 30 years of your life sleeping.
Well here’s the reason, Under Armour Curry 2.5 getting in those zzzzz’s help’s with making clear decisions, New Balance Baratas improving your mood and decreasing anxiety. So be sure to get your shut eye.
These are just 5 of the 21 that they list and if you feel like you are in the need of some motivation have a read,

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3 Awesome Beirut Neighborhoods to Live In – Best City Life, Great Restaurants, Beautiful Views

Every major city has its desirable neighborhoods, Los Angeles has Malibu, London has Chelsea and New York has Soho. The jewel of the Middle East is no exception, with seemingly something for everyone on offer! Not only are there many factors leading to their desirability of a neighborhood everyone seems to have their own opinion of what they want. nike pas cher A few basic rules that can be followed are:
The closer it is to the main action of the city, the more sought after it becomes
The views on offer pushes up the value
Availability of shopping centres and entertainment venues.
So where are the best places to live in Beirut? If you are moving / or planning to move to Beirut here are a few neighborhoods that you might what to consider checking out.
Achrafieh – City Life at its Peak
Central, luscious apartments, shopping centres, bars, coffee shops – what’s not to love about Achrafieh? One of Beirut’s oldest neighborhoods, Achrafieh is also one of the most sort after with plenty of action to keep you occupied every night of the week. Alabama Crimson Tide Jerseys It’s a great base to explore the city from. Stanford Cardinal Check out these Achrafieh properties

Saifi Village – High End Luxury Life Style
Saifi Village is in the heart of downtown Beirut and is full of brand spanking newly constructed homes and businesses. Mens Air Jordan 11 While you might find that the neighborhood can be a little quiet at times it is definitely in its growth phase. nike air max 2017 dames Blauw Rents tend to be at the high-end of the scale but you get plenty for the price. Asics Gel Lyte 5 Donna Rosso

Up scale boutique shops & restaurants right on your doorstep, and with the art galleries and design studios dotted about Saifi Village is becoming one of the hottest art destinations. If you find yourself living here it wouldn’t be unusual to find that you are living side by side with a member of parliament or an aristocratic family. Seton Hall Pirates Check out these Saifi Village properties
Ain El-Mreisseh – Waterfront Views
If its sea views you are after then Ain El-Mreisseh could be the neighborhoods for you. Stretching along the seacoast with the water on your doorstep & stunning views you won’t believe that you are only minutes from downtown Beirut! Its not only the views that make Ain El Mraisseh so desirable you also some great local restaurants & internationally recognised cafés to visit. adidas superstar rose gold femme Check out these Ain El-Mreisseh properties So if you have plans of moving to Beirut that was a small taste of what’s on offer, but is by no means the only options. If sea views, city centre action or top end restaurants aren’t for you then there are plenty of other options available.

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