3 Awesome Beirut Neighborhoods to Live In – Best City Life, Great Restaurants, Beautiful Views


Every major city has its desirable neighborhoods, Los Angeles has Malibu, London has Chelsea and New York has Soho.  The jewel of the Middle East is no exception, with seemingly something for everyone on offer!

Not only are there many factors leading to their desirability of a neighborhood everyone seems to have their own opinion of what they want. A few basic rules that can be followed are:

  • The closer it is to the main action of the city, the more sought after it becomes
  • The views on offer pushes up the value
  • Availability of shopping centres and entertainment venues.

So where are the best places to live in Beirut? If you are moving / or planning to move to Beirut here are a few neighborhoods that you might what to consider checking out.


Achrafieh – City Life at its Peak

Achrafieh Central, luscious apartments, shopping centres, bars, coffee shops – what’s not to love about Achrafieh?

One of Beirut’s oldest neighborhoods, Achrafieh is also one of the most sort after with plenty of action to keep you occupied every night of the week. It’s a great base to explore the city from.

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Saifi Village – High End Luxury Life Style

Saifi Village Saifi Village is in the heart of downtown Beirut and is full of brand spanking newly constructed homes and businesses.

While you might find that the neighborhood can be a little quiet at times it is definitely in its growth phase. Rents tend to be at the high-end of the scale but you get plenty for the price.

Up scale boutique shops & restaurants right on your doorstep, and with the art galleries and design studios dotted about Saifi Village is becoming one of the hottest art destinations.

If you find yourself living here it wouldn’t be unusual to find that you are living side by side with a member of parliament or an aristocratic family.

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Ain El-Mreisseh – Waterfront Views

Ain El-Mreisseh If its sea views you are after then Ain El-Mreisseh could be the neighborhoods for you.

Stretching along the seacoast with the water on your doorstep & stunning views you won’t believe that you are only minutes from downtown Beirut!

Its not only the views that make Ain El Mraisseh so desirable you also some great local restaurants & internationally recognised cafés to visit.

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So if you have plans of moving to Beirut that was a small taste of what’s on offer, but is by no means the only options.

If sea views, city centre action or top end restaurants aren’t for you then there are plenty of other options available. Beirut has something for everyone!

Do you agree with these 3 neighborhoods? Where would you recommend living if you just moved to Beirut?

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