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Dos and Don’ts in the First Day at a New Job

First Day at a New Job – Dos and Don’ts You have thoroughly investigated what the company does, you have prepared yourself, passed all the selections and – here you are, at your new job. First day of work is a unique opportunity to make a great first impression. All the same, regardless of whether this is your dream job or you’re here just to earn the money you need, adjusting to the work environment has its challenges for which you should be ready. Basic preparations One of the most important things is – be punctual, maybe even a little early. mu legend power leveling new balance 420 homme grise Plan the alternative routes to work in case of traffic jam, so that you could get there on time. Nike Paris Ask around what your first day will look like, whether you’re supposed to report to someone, etc. Read all the documents they give you – instructions, the code of conduct, dress code, statute, a guide through the organizational structure, in a word – everything. Relationship with colleagues Introduce yourself to colleagues and try to remember their names. Nike Air Max 90 Uomo Repeat each name aloud, in order to engrave it into your memory, and be polite. A bad first impression can’t be fixed easily. mu2legendzen Womens New Balance Sneakers
Feel free to ask questions – everybody likes to be of assistance as it makes them feel better, so there is no need to “manage” on your own. Nike Free 5.0 Men On the contrary, if you refuse the help you might offend the person who offered it, or just make them feel uncomfortable, and it is highly unlikely they’ll be willing to help you once you really need it. Find some common topics and don’t try not to make them work related. buy mu legend zen Music, books, sports are all good but, at first, avoid more intimate subjects such as divorce, death, marriage, religion, politics, sex and philosophy. Just keep it simple and be natural. Do your best, but don’t overdo it. Take notes of all you’ve heard and learned. Fjallraven Kanken Classic UK Establish some short-term goals, and as you get to know the system, you can set the long-term ones. As much as you know your job and can manage the tasks before you, remember that every work place has its own “how the things work” policy: first couple of weeks, maybe even months you’ll spend learning those tricks. Adidas NMD Dames Don’t try changing anything at first, but also don’t underestimate the fact you’re new – try to bring some freshness, new ideas, energy and initiative. Smile, be positive, and get to know your colleagues: it is especially important to learn right at the beginning who is really in charge and can delegate work and who is just trying to dump their part of the job on you. ADIDAS TEAM COURT Be diligent regarding the execution of tasks and build a good relationship with your boss – it will come in handy later on when you need some help or an advice regarding a job or the days off. Finally: keep coming a bit earlier, and don’t be the first out the door at the end of the shift.

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What Are The Top 5 Jobs In The Gulf

If you’re having second thoughts about going to some of the Gulf countries, this article can help you decide. new balance 696 Leaving your home country is never easy, especially if you have to go thousands of miles away. nike air max 1 pas cher But, there are plenty of reasons which can help you go the distance. The Persian Gulf consists of seven countries: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Iran, Qatar and Kuwait. Common thing for all Gulf counties is oil. air jordan basket AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 34 Believe it or not, this particular location contains more than 50% of the world’s oil reserves. adidas zx States from Persian Gulf currently produce about 20% of the entire world’s oil output. Consequently, Gulf countries offer tons of job opportunities with excellent working conditions. Working in Gulf is popular for a reason. High pay is probably the greatest motive for many job seekers from every corner of the earth to try to find a job and live in Gulf countries. Yet, job in the Gulf can give an extra boost to your career. Here is a list of top 5 jobs in the Gulf countries. 1. new balance mrl996dd deconstructed khakikhaki Construction. asics pas cher Nike Air Huarache The highest paying jobs in the Gulf belong to this sector. According to statistics, an average salary in the construction industry is $11,454 per month. nike chaussures Demand for skilled and talented professionals is constant as well as for the higher skilled jobs such as project architect, site supervisor, site surveyor, architectural draftsman, but also for the less skilled jobs such as plumber, carpenter, electrician, mason and painter. The construction industry in the Gulf is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. adidas zx flux 2. nike air max 1 argent Banking and finance. buy mu legend zen chaussures nike tn requin Approximate monthly wage is $11,240. Accounting technician, chartered accountant, actuarial consultant, credit analyst, investment banker, tax advisor, branch manager, a treasury manager and a retail/personal banking manager are some of the positions that can guarantee you fat salary package. If you want to live and work in the Gulf, it is important to know that you need to have residence and employment visa. Adidas ZX Flux Heren 3. Information Technology. air max 2016 EQUIPMENT 10 M Compared to last year, there has been a slight increase in salary, about 9%, which means nice $10,593 per month. Popular careers in IT sector are: database administrator, web developer, computer systems analyst, software developer and computer engineering. If you are an expert in this sector, than the best country for you in the Gulf is Saudi Arabia where IT head earns approximately $11,526. air max 90 bianco donna 4. cheap mu Legend zen Human Resources. Cleveland Cavaliers HR area in the Gulf is among the best paid jobs with a whopping salary of $11,468. HR manager in United Arab Emirates takes home around $12,543 per month. Average monthly income in this sector has dropped from last year, but it’s still one of the largest in the Gulf countries. 5. air jordan pas cher Sales and Marketing. mu legend power leveling Whether it’s a multinational or local company, the head of the company earns about $11,560 per month.

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Preparing for a Job Interview So You Score the Job Offer

Preparing for a Job Interview So You Score the Job Offer You’ve sent out your resume and finally got invited to an interview and of course you’re excited but then you start thinking “How am I going to do?” or “How can I make myself stand out?” Well, next to a detailed research of the company as well as the job description, there also some things to be considered, like being prepared for the interview questions. air jordan soldes The questions an employer asks give him a chance to get to know you and the way you think. uggs for sale Dallas Mavericks It might not make much sense to you but he is probably trying to find out how fast you can find a solution or if he can confuse you. cheapest shop for uggs Be confident, know everything you wrote in your CV and tell him something interesting and useful about yourself, and make it in less than two minutes. Indiana Pacers “What do you know about our company and why do you want to work for us?” This question might seem naïve, but it’s not. If you have informed yourself about the company, it means that you care and really want to work there. Tennessee Volunteers Jerseys Taken from the employer’s perspective, if you didn’t go to trouble to learn something about the company, than why should they bother to get to know you through the interview? And don’t say you’re only there for the money – yes, it is important but try saying something like you want to improve your skills, prosper and you love doing that job. asics gel kinsei “How qualified are you for the job?” is not a question with an I-know-all answer. adidas hambourg pas cher Nike Air Foamposite Pro Point out the particular skills you have and those you don’t – you’re willing to learn, but make it a little personal, not just something everyone says at interviews. adidas y3 sale adidas X 16.4 When it comes to previous or current jobs, if you’re currently working, don’t hide it from the potential employer, but point out that you want better conditions, you want to thrive and develop according to your potential and this company is the perfect place for that. adidas ultra boost New Orleans Pelicans “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and similar questions are designed to see if you have some planning abilities or you just go with the flow. new balance 997 fjallraven kanken backpacks There is no need to describe all five years, but mention, for example, that you see yourself in a certain position and that you have a plan on how to do it. ADIDAS VALCLEAN2 CMF If you are overqualified for the job, stress out that you don’t think so and that you believe your experience and knowledge will let you prosper more quickly which will, with time, allow you to use your talents in the best interests of the company. adidas soccer nike pas cher If they ask you about overtime – be honest. new balance shoes If you are truly willing to commit to the company and your job, but you don’t want to be exploited, tell that to the employer.

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How to Manage Job Interview Nervousness

Having some anxiety before an interview is quite normal, especially if it’s the first interview or one for a promotion. Mark Ingram Jersey Learn how to impress and wow at the interview in spite of nervousness and how to forget about it at the same time. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Start by planning ahead. Baylor Bears Make sure you plan what you are going to wear and which documents you have to bring. If you have any doubts or you’re not sure about something, don’t be scared and feel free to call the company and get those issues resolved. When you plan everything to details you will look more professional and fresh, stress free. Don’t ever be late to an interview. Prepare yourself. NIKE AIR PEGASUS 92-16

Do your homework and learn everything, or as much as you can, about the company you’re interested in. An interview is like a test for which you have to be well prepared if you want to get the best possible grades. Nike Air Trainer 3 You have to know what are the advantages as well as disadvantages of the job you’ve applied for. Since most of the questions will be similar to: “What can you do to contribute to the organization?” you have to single yourself out. Pretty much everybody will answer that they are hard-working and motivated, so you have to point out your particular qualities that can be useful for the job. Another question you’ll probably have to answer is “What are your weaknesses?” It is actually a very popular question among employers and their intention is to find out how you deal with challenges. Name your weakness and explain what you did to overcome them. Air Jordan 10 For example, you could say that you had a problem with time management but now you use an organizer which helps greatly with it. Don’t think about anything else! When you’re on your way don’t think about other things. Jarrett Lee – LSU Tigers Leave aside anything else that bothers you and occupies your mind, concentrate solely on the task ahead, your appearance and making the best possible impression. nike pas cher This can only be done if you’re confident and don’t have any distractions. However, if you do have something else planned that day, cancel it and focus on one thing only. Ask questions! It’s interesting that people remain nervous even after the job interview. Temple Owls Jerseys It is most likely due to the fact that they don’t ask questions they think of during the interview because of the stress. Always ask what you want to know, that way you will avoid being confused about something later on. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t ask absurd questions, you will only bury yourself and reduce the chances of getting the job. Look nice! Talk well and comprehensible – don’t forget that the first impression is also the last one. You must look and act as a professional. Scarpe Air Jordan 13 Food is also very important, never go hungry to an interview. Remember – after a good meal you’ll feel refreshed and full of energy, but having a large meal will make you feel drowsy, so be careful. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, wash your hair, and generally smell nice.

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Why Asking For A Raise Isn’t The Taboo You Might Think It Is

Plenty of employees think they deserve a bigger paycheck, but they are not sure how to ask for a raise. Asking for a salary increase can be a real challenge and you have to know that asking for a raise doesn’t mean that you’ll get one. Worse than asking is not asking at all and waiting for your boss to reward you. You can ask for a wage hike and possibly get one in every environment, even those where money doesn’t grow on trees. Always have in mind that even a small raise is better than none. Begin your quest for a bigger salary by proper preparation. Your homework is to find out how much other workers in similar positions are earning. Check out salary comparison websites and learn the worth of your job. Maglia Tony Parker Every particular job has its price, just like every article in the store has a selling price. Milwaukee Bucks

Furthermore, you have to compare responsibilities because the same title can hold different meanings at different companies. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Determine how much you can earn due to number of years working for your current employer. When this is done, research the financial health of your company. Check any available information about company’s pay practices on website. Also, good idea is to consult your HR manager about the pay range for you position. adidas chaussures homme If given information shows your employer is having financial difficulties, maybe it is not the right time to ask for a raise. Timing can be a crucial factor. If your employer had a bad quarter, the boss will be distracted and you’ll talk in vain. Perfect timing for asking would be after a successful ending of the big project. Houston Rockets Your argument must include a list of all the things you’ve done for the company. air max 1 pas cher Consider asking for a raise as selling yourself, not begging. Put on the paper all positive and significant results you have achieved. Remember that you will get raise only if your skills and attitude are valuable to the company. Your boss won’t be interested if your sad story is the only thing you put on the table. Connor Shaw – South Carolina Gamecocks While presenting your case to the boss, don’t be aggressive, and use your style and good manners. AIR ZOOM VOMERO 12

Be realistic about raise because every place in company has a maximum worth. Employer will not pay manager’s salary to a receptionist. Rob Gronkowski Have confidence and never ask for a raise if you don’t truly believe that you deserve one. If you believe that you are worth it, bite the bullet and just ask for more money. Avoid discussing your raise with the boss in an e-mail or by telephone. Treat your issue as a business meeting. adidas nmd r1 damskie In a case you get turn down, ask your boss politely what it would take to merit an increase. Continue your work and don’t refuse additional duties because you didn’t get bigger paycheck. If your company values you highly, eventually you will get a raise.

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How To Write A Killer Cover Letter

How To Write A Killer Cover Letter Have you been wondering why months have passed by without you getting a decent job interview? You have probably made a perfect resume and the potential employer should be able to notice your qualities at once. Iowa State Cyclones Jerseys But – what about the cover letter? Truly amazing cover letter is not just a plain letter where you write that you would like the job – it’s a sales letter. nike schoenen nederland You are selling your knowledge and skills to the employer. The old saying about judging a book by its covers doesn’t apply to human resource managers. In most cases, companies will judge you by your cover, in this case – your cover letter. Umbro Speciali homme So, the first thing when it comes to finding a job is to write a killer cover letter and triple your chances in getting a job interview. Great cover letter should be easy to read, so choose clear and readable font, bullet point list if necessary, and orderly and proper alignment. Nike Free 5.0 Mujer Good cover letter should be separated into three paragraphs. Try to find a hiring manager’s contact information and address the letter directly to him. new balance 999 for sale If this is not possible, begin your cover letter with “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Human Resources Manager”. Avoid using recruiter’s first name even if you’ve met him before – you won’t get any kudos for being informal. First paragraph is where you introduce yourself. new balance dziecięce Tell them about your dedication, passion, and will to do this work. Continue with highlighting your competencies for that particular job or project in a way that can reveal your professionalism. Second paragraph is the crucial one. Air Jordan 6 (VI) Present your skills, but be careful not to repeat your resume. Name the most significant accomplishments from your previous work if they can be related to the job you’re applying to. Don’t hesitate to mention your volunteer work or internships. In the next stage explain why it is you who can perform the required job in the best possible way. If necessary, break it down into key parts or steps. Before you do this, try to find out what approaches and techniques the company values most. Leave out negative things such as medical issues, financial woes or problems with your previous boss. In fact, leave out anything that is irrelevant to the new company. adidas tubular damskie In the last paragraph you should show your knowledge about company you are applying to. Air Jordan 14 Retro Do some decent research about the company and write about their latest successful projects and the things you liked about it. Nike Solarsoft Point out something that is not widely known about the firm, but be sure to stay well within the limits of politeness and not overdo the flattery. Mention that you would like to set up an interview in the foreseeable future. It is a good idea to read your cover letter a few times and correct errors if there are any. Make sure it’s free of spelling and grammar mistakes before you send it. Give an extra touch to your killer cover letter by printing it on a high quality paper.

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How to Write a Killer Job Application

On the labor market there are job seekers and successful job seekers. nike air max 2016 heren The former are facing longer job hunt and poorly paid work in unattractive and lousy firms. The latter search for a job less than a couple of months, need at most five interviews to get the position and earn higher salaries doing better jobs in better positioned firms. Air Max Zero On the other hand, companies have big problems to find adequate co-workers. It’s not a rare case that employers reject perfect candidates because they came unprepared, wrote desperate resumes or couldn’t handle an interview – still, they were appropriate candidates, they just couldn’t convince the employer into realizing the truth. Adidas Zx 500 Donna

Job search is a sale! You are selling your work profile, your skills, knowledge and experience. Similar to any other sale, this one needs good product (career profile), sales letter (resume) and excellent sales presentation (interview). Air Jordan 4 In order to make a sale (get a job) you have to know what the customer’s requirements and expectations are. So, the first step is to research the employing company and the job you are applying for. Every application should be tailored up to reflect the employers requirements, as well as the position you are applying. Air Jordan 14 Homme

Ensure the hiring manager that you’re interested in that particular position in that particular firm. new balance 997 on sale Resume and cover letter should be well-composed and clearly written with most recent jobs and most relevant experiences listed first. All information provided in your resume should fit into one page because the employers are busy people and when a job gets posted they additionally receive tons of emails and letters from the candidates. They don’t have time nor will to read five pages long CV or cover letter. Make the job application concise and clear saying much in few chosen words. List your contact information on the top of your CV and cover letter so that the hiring manager doesn’t have to search for your contact details because if they have to scan for your details, there’s a huge possibility that your application will end up in a trash can. Write your name first in a slightly bigger letters so it pops out and your full street address, state, email and phone number in somewhat smaller, but be careful not to use any abbreviations or nonprofessional emails for they will make your application look childish and not serious. Bo Wallace – Ole Miss Rebels I some job application forms there’s a question about your hobbies and interests. Bo Jackson Jerseys If you think that part to be irrelevant, you’re wrong. Your free activities tell tons about your personality – if you are playing football or other multiplayer sport, the employers will see that you work well within a team, if you like independent traveling on budget, they may conclude that you are well organized person ready to take risks. So, don’t miss to fill in this section, but don’t list too many hobbies since you don’t want your future employer to think the job will suffer for these. In the end – do you know how the job application of an average candidate looks like? It looks exactly the same as 95 per cent of other applications the employer receives. Nike Scarpe Bambini So, be smart and create an efficient resume that will instantly draw the hiring manager’s attention. Tell him the exact information he wants, focus on important aspects of your career and describe them the way to be related to the desired job description.

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How to Handle Yourself in an Interview

How to Handle Yourself in an Interview
Interview for the job can be very stressful experience. By following some key rules for job interview success, you can reduce that stress to a minimum. Before any job interview, you have to do your homework which includes good research on the position you are applying for and the company itself. Find out who are the CEO and the president, what are the firm’s aims and objectives, the annual gross and, of course, who are its biggest competitors. The better the position, the better candidates will apply, so you have to do your best in the interview to get yourself to the top of the contest list. It is necessary to have good interviewing skills in order to get a decent job. There is no such thing as dress code for a job interview, but wear clothes you feel comfortable in, yet not too unconventional. Don’t be late, always show up on time. shirt-tshirt Hide your weakness and convey confidence. nike air max 2016 grijs Don’t let them see you sweating and don’t play too much with your fingers. Be sure to have a breath freshener. Offer your interviewer a firm four-second handshake and constant eye contact showing that you are positive and enthusiastic person. The first impression is very important. Be calm and friendly with the interviewer and try not to overplay because you’ll look desperate for the job. Always show that you are a “can do” worker. Scarpe Nike Store As a sign of courtesy, you should stand up whenever someone is entering or leaving the room. Be honest when answering the questions and try spinning all the negative background into positive. nike blazer low damskie For example, bring out the positive side of getting fired from previous job by telling the interviewer that you gained experience which made you a better employee. Never talk about your former employers in a bad light even if you are not pleased with them. new balance 373 uomo prezzo Take advantage of seemingly easy “tell me about yourself” question by bringing out your best accomplishments in previous jobs. Show them that you are ethical worker with integrity and spine. Your potential employer should feel your enthusiasm and your desire for the job. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit

They want to be sure that hiring you is the best thing for the company. Matthew Slater Don’t bring up the subjects you are not good at. Always have the full control in conversation by assuring them that you are a problem solver. Respond to questions by brief answers and avoid answering with “I am”, “I will”, “I believe”, “I don’t know” or “I think”. If you need time to answer some provoking question, don’t be hasty. Tell them that you need a minute to think and provide them with the best possible solution. Be free to ask her or him questions about the job, the working environment, and management style. That will show your experience, intelligence and maturity. Nike Roshe Run Dames

When the salary question pops up, you should try to delay responding as long as possible. You can say that you will discuss salary when both sides agree that you are the right choice for them.

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Tips to Help Write an Awesome Resume

Weather you are changing jobs or looking to start your career you will you most probably be entering into a field full of cut throat competition. Washington State Cougars Jerseys Hiring managers have stacks of resumes, portfolios and idea pitches on their desk. So how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Following are a few tips on how you can do just that: Presentation The physical presentation of your resume is the first thing you need to perfect. Houston Rockets If your resume has uneven margins, crinkled paper or too much clutter, a recruiter is that much more likely to toss it aside. wow gold A sloppy resume says you are a sloppy person. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames wit Organize based on experience If you have relevant job experience, such as internships or entry level positions, put that prominently at the top. Otherwise highlight your education, degree(s) and skills learned. Use relevant information Part of being concise is deciding what should stay and what should go. Focus on the information that will help you get the job. White space Clutter is a resume killer. mu legend zen for sale HR professionals have stacks of resumes to choose from, make yours clear, concise and easy to read. Air Foamposite One Spelling & Grammar Always use active verbs, a spell checker and consistency of style. mu2legendzen Get your resume proofread before you submit. Nike Air Max 2016 Nero Uomo Cover Letter A personalized cover letter shows you care about the position and you have the brains to put together a couple of well written paragraphs. Fjallraven Kanken Mini According to ‘The Society of Human Resources Management’, 76 percent of recruiters won’t even consider a resume without a cover letter. Gaps in employment You are a student so this should not be very hard to explain, but large spaces of unemployment can make uneasy. Miami Hurricanes Be sure to explain anything odd looking. Nike Air Max 90 męskie Short job stints A bunch of temporary jobs attract some red flags. Why have you changed so many jobs? Are you indecisive? Are employers not happy? Either group relevant jobs or leave out unnecessary positions. adidas stan smith pas cher When you submit your resume make sure the recruiter can clearly find any skills or qualities you have learned that can be transferred into this new position. If you have any other tips please enter them as a comment below.

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