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10 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used Car

341So you want to buy a used car, and you want to buy it soon.  But how do you go about doing that?  You could buy it from a friend or family member.  You could buy it from a dealership, or a used car lot.  Or you can get some useful info as well as view pictures online before you even look at the car in person.  Classifieds websites are great for getting lots of info about the vehicle you are looking to buy, and can even give you some car ideas that you wouldn’t have had without it.   But that’s just the start.  After you get as much information as you can about the vehicle, it’s time to ask questions, and lots of them.  Without asking good questions about the car’s history, you could be scammed into buying a piece of junk for much more than it’s worth.  While it’s great to ask lots of questions, there are some very important ones that you must ask if you want to ensure a successful car purchase.  These questions include questions to ask the car owner as well as questions to ask yourself.  Here are the 10 most important questions to ask before buying a car.

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Advantages Of Classifieds Websites

freeclassifieds1116       Classifieds websites have grown over the years, and in today’s world you can post anything from your car to your apartment!  In the classifieds world, everyone is either selling something or buying something, and you can score some great stuff with just a few clicks and quick email or phone call.   There are so many advantages of classifieds websites, and it goes beyond the simple convenience of browsing merchandise on the Internet.  If you are selling something on a classifieds website, you should also know how to post a successful ad on it.  First let’s talk about the advantages of classifieds websites.

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Where to Rent in Cairo – Our Top 5 Suburbs

Zad-Cairo       Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is considered the largest city in the Middle-East and the second-largest in Africa. Famously known as the tenth-largest urban area in the world, it houses many headquarters of international businesses and organizations. And to date, it is the largest city in the Arab world with many famous suburbs. You may have found yourself in a situation where you wanted to rent an apartment in a suburb in Cairo but unable to do so, because you do not know which one will suit you best? In fact, it is not uncommon for business travelers and international students to experience a hard time choosing a neighborhood to rent in. Let’s assume you experience this scenario yourself. But this time Continue reading “Where to Rent in Cairo – Our Top 5 Suburbs” »

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The Top Five Cities to Consider When Buying Property in the Middle East


You could compare real estate to a game. Not the kind of game you might play on the estate court but one that involves professional study of property and the intrinsic values attached to the property, ie: its price, what it yields over time and the mortgage repayments associated with it.

Below is a breakdown on the top 5 cities to buy property in the Middle East considering a number of crucial factors in the real estate market such as:

  • the purpose of buying the property.

  • whether or not the property can be rented.

  • Is it possible to buy low and sell high.

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A Look at the Increasing Demand for Second Hand Cars

A Look at the Increasing Demand For Second Hand Cars

If you are on a budget you will most definitely have to choose between second hand cars. Don’t despair, even though facing the impossibility of buying a new car may be disappointing, but realizing that our needs can be met by buying a good used car can be as equally cathartic. In less than half price you can buy a used car three, four or five years old which is larger, has better equipment and specifications as for the similar price, or even slightly higher, you could get a smaller, and poorly equipped new car. But, buying a used car comes with certain risks, since you are buying a car that someone else owned and drove, so it is important to check the condition of the car before the purchase, whether or not, and how, it was serviced. One of the biggest advantages in buying a used car is choosing a product to which many have different experiences; they met all of its advantages as well as disadvantages that are no longer a secret neither to the drivers nor the mechanics.

First of all you have a lot more to choose from, for example in 2006 about 16,5 million new cars were sold, but in that same year around 42,5 million used cars found new owners and a sole reason for this are the increase of choice and very attractive prices. Even though used cars typically don’t have the same warranties as the new ones, original factory warranty of a new car is transferrable to a second owner, usually at no charge. By buying a car from a licensed dealer you can purchase a late model with the original warranty.

As good as new – another thing that works in the favor of buying a second hand car is an extension of warranty for used cars. The idea was started with luxury brands, such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, and became a very popular alternative to buyers. Keep in mind that as soon as you drive off the new car from the salon its value decreases for about ten to twenty percent which is not the case with used cars. Look for a car that doesn’t have a lot of mileage and is in good condition, they don’t require a lot of service and are much cheaper than new ones. For example, buying a used midsize car could save even more than fifty percent compared to the price of a new car.

So, people who want the most for the money they have, and money is of the essence, have a great chance in finding their perfect car by buying a used one and for a lot less money, so it is no wonder there is an increase in demand for second hand cars.

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