Where to Rent in Cairo – Our Top 5 Suburbs

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is considered the largest city in the Middle-East and the second-largest in Africa. Famously known as the tenth-largest urban area in the world, it houses many headquarters of international businesses and organizations. And to date, it is the largest city in the Arab world with many famous suburbs. You may have found yourself in a situation where you wanted to rent an apartment in a suburb in Cairo but unable to do so, because you do not know which one will suit you best? In fact, it is not uncommon for business travelers and international students to experience a hard time choosing a neighborhood to rent in. Let’s assume you experience this scenario yourself. But this time you have a guide that outlines the cost of living, security challenges, the city make-up and the cost of renting in each neighborhood. adidas zx flux donna Of course, you will not face a hard time figuring out which neighborhood best suits you. In case you actually found yourself in this situation, this article will serve as your guideline on the best suburbs in Cairo to rent in. THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE RENTING IN A SUBURB The following are the most important things to consider before renting in a neighborhood of Cairo: 1. Air Max 90 Donna Bianche Your Budget and Tastes. This is the most important on this list. Nike Air Max 2016 Homme You may have a desire for something as well as the willingness to get that thing, but if you don’t have the cash to actually acquire it, it will be out of your reach. Also, before you decide, you have to really consider your tastes and lifestyle and see if it can blend in with that of the suburb you are interested in. 2. Cost of Living. Before you decide to rent in a suburb, you have to determine what the cost of living will be like when you settle down. You don’t want a situation where you discovered that your cost of living has risen after settling. Here, you have to do your homework. Ask yourself if the neighborhood you are interested in will suit your lifestyle. It is even more important when you are with family. 3. The Environment. Another thing you want to consider is the environment you want to stay. Is it overcrowded? Is the weather going to be okay for your health? I have a friend who begins shivering at the slightest chance of cold. buy mu legend zen When I investigated what the cause is, I discovered that he is not only asthmatic, but also impervious to wintry weather. And the environment where we live is wintry, leading to constant shivering. If my friend has carefully considered the environment, he would not be facing this problem. 4. Culture of the People. It is important to be familiar with the culture of the people if you are a foreigner. mu legend zen for sale You get to decide if you can put up with the various mundane activities of the people, which is important for peaceful co-existence. Your taste will determine whether you will stay in a neighborhood or not. Even if you can afford the cost of living and rent in a suburb, only your taste will lead to your final decision. You taste will also determine what you feel about the dwellers. So you have to give it prime importance. In the following section, we are going to review the best suburbs in Cairo to rent in. Each one has been listed based on its importance, security level, affordability and the culture of the people. BEST SUBURBS IN CAIRO TO RENT IN ZAMALEK Zamalek is considered an island and one of the neighborhoods of Cairo. It is also believed to be one of the most important parts of Cairo as two of the most important bridges in the city passes through this neighborhood. Air Max Thea Uomo Zamalek is an abode to many important posh-hotels and museums often frequented by people of significance. Located here is the Ghezira Sporting Club, visited by many famous personalities. The standard of living is slightly above average here, thus making it a favorite spot for tourist and resident for foreigners. You can find some of the nicest streets that promise a pleasant shopping experience. If you are thinking of living in a serene and well furnished environment, you can put Zamalek on your list of potentials. DOKKI Although, Dokki was populated by professionals in the 70’s, it has now become a home for mid-lower class dwellers. This has brought about decline in the further development of the locale which started in the 70’s. Even though it is in now in a poor condition compare to what it was before, it has its own rich areas, as with most other Cairo suburbs. Here, there are not many attractions for tourist. Although, it still serve as one of the most suitable area for business people. Moreover, some writers consider Dokki an affluent district. There are not evident security issues as most tours are peaceful. nike free run 3.0 homme This often endears travelers and foreigners. If your aim is to live in a peaceful, educational, as well as a well designated are, you should consider Dokki. DOWNTOWN CAIRO Downtown Cairo is a sprawling commercial centre with highly interconnected rail station and transport system. Although, many of the classy buildings have disappeared, Downtown Cairo is still one of the favorites of foreigners and business travelers. Ereck Flowers There is abundance of shopping malls, business buildings, and several complex organization complexes to serve the teeming population. Downtown Cairo doesn’t boast of the highest standard of living among Cairo suburbs, it covers up nicely with a working security system. Also, getting a befitting apartment is not hard and you can do this without breaking the bank. goedkoop nike air max 2017 In short, its sizable population is acceptable and living here is affordable. HELIOPOLIS Heliopolis is an extensive residential and commercial district serving as a neighboring area to Cairo. Heliopolis is a suburb with a flourishing environment and well designed for wealthy Egyptians and foreigners. NIKE ROSHE LD-1000 QS This was before the 1950’s. Heliopolis only begins to decline in prestige as more wealthy foreigners left and experienced the influx of average Egyptians. Much of what is left are its restaurants and nightlife. However, if you are a foreigner, you can enjoy your stay in Heliopolis because it still boasts of some of the best hotels and parks any of the Cairo suburb can have. It is free from the hustle and bustle of the main city, making it more suitable to important business people and foreigners. For a tourist, you can find some of the most impressive, attractive packs for sight seeing. This is not surprising as some writers consider Heliopolis an elite and affluent neighborhood. legend zen for sale NASR CITY Nasr city is a rich environ famous for extensive shopping and entertainment. Fast food joints as well as big city malls sprout throughout this luxuriant suburb. If you are an outgoing chap, you can decide to lodge here as it is suited for the outgoing. This is because everything here is stimulating and exhilarating. You will find the Geneva Mall and the City Stars Mega Mall in this beautiful city. The standard of living is incredible. Nasr city has the lowest security challenges and the people here are friendly. It is as if Nasr city is a new Cairo in its own right. DETERMINING WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOU You can easily decide what is best for you when you have set priorities and pre-defined preferences. What you need is a criteria that will enable to select an area that is not only right for your lifestyle but also for your budget. CONCLUSION Settling in a neighborhood doesn’t have to be difficult.

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