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How to Post an Ad on bey3.com in 3 Easy Steps

Happy Monday Everyone! As a lot of you might have already noticed this week that we made a huge change to our post an ad process. Madison Bumgarner Authentic Jersey Our goal was to make it easier to understand and a much nicer experience. mu legend zen Air Jordan 1 Hopefully for those of you who have used it you feel it is. VCU Rams Jerseys :) With this change we thought it would be useful to go over the steps involved to post an awesome free ad on bey3.com. Womens Jordan Retro 6 There are 3 Easy & Quick Steps. Step 1: Click Post A Free Ad – The Big Orange Button! This will take you to our sleek new log in page: On this screen you need to: Enter your email address (so we can keep fraud off the site) If you already have an account with us then you can enter your password and click continue. If you don’t have a password just choose that you’re new, enter a password of your choice and click continue. fjallraven kanken soldes Before posting you will need to verify your email address, we send you an email with a link that you need to click. New Balance 1300 damskie This will tell us its a real email address that people can respond to. Now onto step 2. Step 2: Choosing your Category This is where you get to choose where you want to post your ad. NIKE AIR PEGASUS 92-16 You will see the following screen: To choose a category, simply mouse over where you want to post and a list of sub-categories will show up. mu legend zen for sale Choose the most relevant sub-category (and the third level if needed) and you will get taken to the last step. Step 3: Write Your Ad The final step is to enter in your ads details, the most important step! Writing a great ad will drastically improve the amount of responses you get. mu2legendzen Here is the screen you will see: Here are some tips to write an ad that will rock. Title: Your title should be clear & concise while using your most important descriptive keywords. Fjallraven Kanken Sale Mini Description: People respond to ads with more details and a longer description increases the chance of your ad appearing in a search. While writing your description you goal should be to: Answer questions your buyer may have (dimensions, functions, availability) Highlight benefits and specific details (warranties, features, etc.) Location: This is where you can enter your neighbourhood or street. Images: Images are huge – We have seen ads with images get over 200% more responses then those without. We hope you like the new and improved post an ad feature. nike air max pas cher Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

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Beat the January Blues – Proven Habits of Amazingly Happy People

Happy Friday All,
Struggling to get through January? The holiday period a faded memory?
Well I was sent this article about the Habits of Exuberant Human Beings the other day (its an old one but a good one!) and thought it was definitely worth sharing.

There is a popular theory, Zapatillas ROSHE RUN created by Martin Seligman (the father of positive psychology) that while 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, Womens Air Jordan 13 the remaining 40 percent is up to us. The article goes on to state some pretty simple but highly effective things we can all do to build a happy lifestyle.
I wont list them all here just a few of the ones that jumped out. The article is definitely worth a read so go check it out.
1. Knock Knock….

Yep you may have heard it before but there actually could be some truth in the old saying, Soldes Nike Pour Homme laughter really is the best medicine.
Laughing releases endorphins that increase pleasure, FREE 5.0 can reduce stress and more.
So crack out the joke book and share the laughter.
2. Stop & Appreciate Simple Pleasures

Life is full of simple pleasures but often we can be too busy to even notice.
A favorite song comes on the radio, Virginia Cavaliers Jerseys a cool breeze on a hot day, adidas superstar 80s homme someone letting you in during the morning rush. ADIDAS ZX 750 BARATAS Taking a brief moment to appreciate these small seemingly inconsequential things can help with appreciating the bigger picture.
3. Air Huarache Donna

Devote Some Time to Giving
Spending some of your time doing good for others has been found to give you an effect that researchers call the ‘helper’s high’.
Volunteering has been proven to reduce depression, increases overall happiness and can benefit you as much as giving up smoking!
4. I found 10000 ways that won’t work

The quote from Thomas Edison shows true resilience, which is an important characteristic when it comes to happiness.
Psychologist Peter Kramer says that resilience is the opposite of depression, instead of happiness, and resilience is like a padding for the inevitable hardship human beings are bound to face.
A great Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times and stand up eight.”
5. Get the proper amount of rest

Did you know that you will spend up to 30 years of your life sleeping.
Well here’s the reason, Under Armour Curry 2.5 getting in those zzzzz’s help’s with making clear decisions, New Balance Baratas improving your mood and decreasing anxiety. So be sure to get your shut eye.
These are just 5 of the 21 that they list and if you feel like you are in the need of some motivation have a read,

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Dos and Don’ts in the First Day at a New Job

First Day at a New Job – Dos and Don’ts You have thoroughly investigated what the company does, you have prepared yourself, passed all the selections and – here you are, at your new job. First day of work is a unique opportunity to make a great first impression. All the same, regardless of whether this is your dream job or you’re here just to earn the money you need, adjusting to the work environment has its challenges for which you should be ready. Basic preparations One of the most important things is – be punctual, maybe even a little early. mu legend power leveling new balance 420 homme grise Plan the alternative routes to work in case of traffic jam, so that you could get there on time. Nike Paris Ask around what your first day will look like, whether you’re supposed to report to someone, etc. Read all the documents they give you – instructions, the code of conduct, dress code, statute, a guide through the organizational structure, in a word – everything. Relationship with colleagues Introduce yourself to colleagues and try to remember their names. Nike Air Max 90 Uomo Repeat each name aloud, in order to engrave it into your memory, and be polite. A bad first impression can’t be fixed easily. mu2legendzen Womens New Balance Sneakers
Feel free to ask questions – everybody likes to be of assistance as it makes them feel better, so there is no need to “manage” on your own. Nike Free 5.0 Men On the contrary, if you refuse the help you might offend the person who offered it, or just make them feel uncomfortable, and it is highly unlikely they’ll be willing to help you once you really need it. Find some common topics and don’t try not to make them work related. buy mu legend zen Music, books, sports are all good but, at first, avoid more intimate subjects such as divorce, death, marriage, religion, politics, sex and philosophy. Just keep it simple and be natural. Do your best, but don’t overdo it. Take notes of all you’ve heard and learned. Fjallraven Kanken Classic UK Establish some short-term goals, and as you get to know the system, you can set the long-term ones. As much as you know your job and can manage the tasks before you, remember that every work place has its own “how the things work” policy: first couple of weeks, maybe even months you’ll spend learning those tricks. Adidas NMD Dames Don’t try changing anything at first, but also don’t underestimate the fact you’re new – try to bring some freshness, new ideas, energy and initiative. Smile, be positive, and get to know your colleagues: it is especially important to learn right at the beginning who is really in charge and can delegate work and who is just trying to dump their part of the job on you. ADIDAS TEAM COURT Be diligent regarding the execution of tasks and build a good relationship with your boss – it will come in handy later on when you need some help or an advice regarding a job or the days off. Finally: keep coming a bit earlier, and don’t be the first out the door at the end of the shift.

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10 Tips for Buying an Apartment

If you’ve decided to buy an apartment, you’re probably aware that it will be one of the major investments of your life. Really, why throw your money away on rent when you can buy your own property for the same price? Still, having a roof over your head will make your life easier and stressless only if you buy a home you can afford and, of course, a home that will meet your needs. In this article you will find ten basic tips that will help you choose and buy a perfect apartment. Before you even start looking for the place to buy – think, calculate and think again. adidas yeezy boost 350 damskie Have you got enough money for a decent deposit? How much can you borrow? How will monthly repayments affect your budget? There are many simple tools on the internet that can help you deal with these questions – online budget planners, mortgage and deposit calculators, and so on. Use them. mu2legendzen Air Jordan 8 Retro As for the deposit size, you will probably have to pay between 15 and 25 per cent of the purchase price, so make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Adidas schoenen And don’t forget about taxes, fees, removal van, repairs, and furniture. They also cost money. Decide what you are looking for – which area do you prefer, how many bedrooms do you need, do you want a garage, are shopping malls, schools, kindergartens in the vicinity important to you? When you’ve figured this out, you can focus your search on desired location. Check sales in the area, research the market and compare the prices. Alabama Crimson Tide Jerseys Be in touch with the local real estate agents because many flats sell before they appear in the ads. When you’ve found the property that suits you, go and see it. Air Jordan 14 Note down all the important information about the apartment – when it was built, how long and why do the owners sell, were there any problems in the neighborhood or with neighbors, when were electrical and gas installations inspected, what’s included in the sale, and so on. Jacob Parker Jersey And of course, ask your solicitor to do a research on the apartment. cheap mu Legend zen Take pictures of the apartment so that you could compare it with the others you take into consideration. mu legend power leveling Make sure to view at different parts of the day. Authentic UGA Jersey It might look nice and calm during the day, but you wouldn’t like a bunch of junkies shooting stuff in their veins under your balcony. Check for the mold, wet corners, rust pipes and leaking radiators. Northwestern Wildcats Jerseys Test if all the doors and windows are working well. Think how much to offer. nike You can get a lot of help on the internet forums of the property search websites for people there have tons of experience. Consider auctions. New Balance 1500 męskie Apartments selling in the auctions can be much cheaper than the ones on the market. However, you will probably need to invest some money and time in renovation. If you are satisfied with the apartment and your offer is accepted, exchange the contracts with the vendors and book the moving van.

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How to Manage Job Interview Nervousness

Having some anxiety before an interview is quite normal, especially if it’s the first interview or one for a promotion. Mark Ingram Jersey Learn how to impress and wow at the interview in spite of nervousness and how to forget about it at the same time. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Start by planning ahead. Baylor Bears Make sure you plan what you are going to wear and which documents you have to bring. If you have any doubts or you’re not sure about something, don’t be scared and feel free to call the company and get those issues resolved. When you plan everything to details you will look more professional and fresh, stress free. Don’t ever be late to an interview. Prepare yourself. NIKE AIR PEGASUS 92-16

Do your homework and learn everything, or as much as you can, about the company you’re interested in. An interview is like a test for which you have to be well prepared if you want to get the best possible grades. Nike Air Trainer 3 You have to know what are the advantages as well as disadvantages of the job you’ve applied for. Since most of the questions will be similar to: “What can you do to contribute to the organization?” you have to single yourself out. Pretty much everybody will answer that they are hard-working and motivated, so you have to point out your particular qualities that can be useful for the job. Another question you’ll probably have to answer is “What are your weaknesses?” It is actually a very popular question among employers and their intention is to find out how you deal with challenges. Name your weakness and explain what you did to overcome them. Air Jordan 10 For example, you could say that you had a problem with time management but now you use an organizer which helps greatly with it. Don’t think about anything else! When you’re on your way don’t think about other things. Jarrett Lee – LSU Tigers Leave aside anything else that bothers you and occupies your mind, concentrate solely on the task ahead, your appearance and making the best possible impression. nike pas cher This can only be done if you’re confident and don’t have any distractions. However, if you do have something else planned that day, cancel it and focus on one thing only. Ask questions! It’s interesting that people remain nervous even after the job interview. Temple Owls Jerseys It is most likely due to the fact that they don’t ask questions they think of during the interview because of the stress. Always ask what you want to know, that way you will avoid being confused about something later on. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t ask absurd questions, you will only bury yourself and reduce the chances of getting the job. Look nice! Talk well and comprehensible – don’t forget that the first impression is also the last one. You must look and act as a professional. Scarpe Air Jordan 13 Food is also very important, never go hungry to an interview. Remember – after a good meal you’ll feel refreshed and full of energy, but having a large meal will make you feel drowsy, so be careful. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, wash your hair, and generally smell nice.

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How To Avoid Used Car Scams

Used Car Scams And How To Avoid Them
As most of us know, buying a used car can help you save money on your purchase. Nike KD Shoes However, a big disadvantage of buying a second- hand car is that you are morevulnerable to scams. Cam Robinson Jersey Unscrupulous car sellers perform scams which can cost you more than $1,000. The number of used car scams is rising a year after year. Here are some tips to avoid being part of them. One of the first things when buying a used car is checking the car’s history. Mujer Air Jordan 6 Vehicle’s service history should give you important information including performance, repairs or other problems. One of the mostly used car scams is odometer rollback. You should know that average mileage per year is 9,000 to 12,000 miles. If odometer mileage seems too low for vehicle’s age, it’s red alert. new balance 530 homme encap Be very careful and keep your eyes wide open. If a vehicle has mechanical odometer, check the numbers well. Digits should be in one straight line. Look for any scratches on the glass or fingerprints under it. Scratches and loose screws on the dashboard may be a signal for odometer manipulation. Take a car for the test ride to see if the speedometer will stick. When it comes to electronic odometer, you can use some of the computer programs to check if there are any odometer alterations. NIKE TENNIS CLASSIC ULTRA FLYKNIT

Next thing on the check list is the condition of the interior. adidas original pas cher fille Check the seats for any stains, rips, tears or other types of damage. Look for any stickers under the hood that can show that the car had major services. As you already know, buying a used car from a dealer is different from buying from a private seller. Except for selling you the car, a private owner has no other obligations toward you or the car. That is why some used car dealers pose as a private seller. Some greedy dealer can charge a “cottage fee” of $200 for the preparation and paperwork. That is a pure rip off so read purchase agreement carefully before you sign it. asics gel lyte 3 mujer azules Although your desired car looks as good as new, it is a good idea to spend around $100 for professional mechanic inspection. You don’t want to save hundred bucks and wind up with a car made by welding halves of two other cars. Be cautious when a dealership offers you extended warranty. Air Jordan 4 Retro Remember that there is no better warranty than the original coverage of the new car. adidas hamburg damskie You should be aware that the money scam is going on the moment the seller starts convincing you to take the car home immediately leaving him finish the financing papers. A few days later, they will call you to come back to sign another contract because the initial deal fell through. Normally, new financing deal will be much more expensive. If a car you like has a price that seems too good to be true, always do some internet research. If the price is much lower than average, don’t believe in any of the seller’s stories.

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How To Furnish Your Home or Office On a Budget

Furnishing your home or office can be pretty expensive – new couch, office chairs, desks, carpets – you can end up flat broke. Womens Air Jordan 4 Fortunately, there are some tricks that can save you thousands of dollars. If you want to achieve the best value for money when it comes to refurbishing and decorating your premises, you don’t need much – just some time, a lot of creativity and relatively small amount of money. And here is how: Before you buy anything, try asking around a little bit to find out whether your friends or their neighbors have some stuff they want to get rid of. ADIDAS NMD

Maybe you can use a couch or a table that is lying around your cousin’s house, change the fabric or repaint it for a fresh look. Furthermore, it is possible that you already have some pieces of furniture hiding unnoticed somewhere in your house or garage so you could use them and avoid spending additional money for furnishing your house or office. Now that you’ve exhausted all possibilities of friends and relatives, it is time to get organized. Before you start spending any money, decide how much you can or want to spend and make a list of all the things you need. By doing this you will avoid buying items which are too expensive or unnecessary. Nike Internationalist The next logical step is browsing the internet. nike air jordan 10 chicago There are numerous websites where people sell, or even give away used and unwanted things, especially furniture, home appliances, and clothes. Arizona State Sun Devils Jerseys The truth is that it may take you some time and nerves to find what you need, but you can shop at prices that are up to 80 percent lower than the market price. The other good idea is to buy wholesale or look for the liquidation sales. Stores that are going out of business sometimes sell items at only 20 or 30 percent of their retail value. air max 90 damskie panterka Also, look for the factory outlets where they sell products much cheaper than the shops due to the fact that there’s no middle-man. San Antonio Spurs Jerseys The next thing you can do is to paint the walls. Paint is pretty inexpensive way to change the look of your house or an office and the best thing is that you can do it by yourself. Adidas Original Zx Flux Homme If you’ve never done wall decoration before, the abundance of tutorials and step-by-step instructions you can find on the internet can be of great help. FLYKNIT LUNAR3 There are also websites where you can ask professionals for a piece of advice or download home and interior design software for free. This way you can visualize your ideas, experiment with colors, and remodel your home or office online before you start with the real work. Also, pay attention to lights. Take full advantage of the natural light and get some cheap lamps that will enrich the space. Just keep in mind that you should avoid cold fluorescent and over-bright light because it can cause eye strain and fatigue. In the end, add some details – cushions, nicely framed pictures, paintings prints, flowers or other plants which will make the space look warmer and give it a personal touch.

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5 Things You Should Always Buy Used

5 Things You Should Always Buy Used Buying used products is a future millionaire’s secret strategy which can save you thousands of dollars per year. Nike Air Max 90 Heren rood You have to invest your money wisely, because not all used stuff are welcome in your home so here is a list of things worth buying second hand. 1. adidas sale At the top of the saving list is buying a used car. asics france According to statistics, car industry quality is higher and higher every year which means the highest level of dependability. For example, let us take two cars of the same model – a used and a new one. Used car is two years old and gets you great quality with huge savings. Maglie Milwaukee Bucks Buying a two year old vehicle can save you around $5,000. Biggest problem in buying a new car is the fact that vehicle value depreciate the minute you leave the shop. NIKE AIR MAX SEQUENT 2. Your kid looks so cute in a brand new shirt making you, a proud parent, so pleased. Take a photo of your baby in that shirt – it will last longer, because your baby will outgrow it in a month. St. mu legend zen for sale Johns Red Storm Jerseys You end up with expensive piece of cloth that has been worn once or twice. nike air max 2017 donna Save up to 90 percent by choosing used stuff for your kid or 180% if you have twins. Fjallraven Kanken Big UK It is not worth spending top-dollars for new baby outfit when you can dress your baby in designer clothes by Ralph Loren, Quick Silver and Baby Gap for much less. Adidas Energy Boost Baby toys and nursery furniture are also good way to save money. adidas cloudfoam NIKE FLYKNIT LUNAR3 However, avoid buying used child car seats and cribs because of the safety risks. 3. mu2legendzen chaussure nike air Is there a smell in the whole universe that can beat the smell of the old books? Hell no! That is the first reason for buying old books. nike dynamo The second is, believe it or not, the words in the old books are exactly the same as words in new books. nike air max 90 Third reason is that you can save up to 90%. nike air huarache pas cher Nike Mercurial homme Used books are cheaper than most e-books. Many pros and no cons. If you don’t have enough time to wait for the new Harry Potter book to get old and buy it half a price, hurry up to take a good place in the line in front of the bookstore. soldes chaussures adidas 4. lunette de soleil soldes Sport and exercise equipment is lying around many basements, garages and attics collecting dust. Many owners wanted, but didn’t have time nor will to exercise. That is your perfect opportunity to buy almost new things, just check there’s no rust and take it home for some serious workout. 5. adidas sale Video games are similar sources of amusement as honeymoon – they don’t last very long, yet they are very expensive. For the price of one new game, you can get the whole series if you decide to buy it used. Their prices range from 10 to 70 percent lower than the new items. NIKE AIR MAX 2017 It takes less than 50 hours to complete the game which means you don’t have to wait long for the desired game to hit the second-hand markets.

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What You Should Know Before You Buy A Used Car?

What You Should Know Before You Buy A Used Car? You need a new car, you even saved some money, but it’s not enough for a new and expensive model. You decided to buy a used vehicle, but since you’re not an expert you’re afraid you’ll be taken to the cleaners. There are many things you should know before buying used car. adidas yeezy boost Nevertheless, there is a choice between a car dealer and a private seller. mu legend zen First choice is more expensive because of the car dealer’s interest. ugg mini bailey button new balance store buenos aires Here are some tips and advices before you get to the car market. · First, take a good look at the car. Check for any type of damage, scratches, rust spots, dents, loose parts. Be sure to check under hood too, check Vehicle Identification Number. · Check the hoses and belts if they have some cracks. Push the fender down and check suspension. · Check the car interior for any damage, stains, rips. mu legend power leveling UGG Men For Sale Look at the dashboard for the mileage. Try if the seat belts work. Turn on the air condition and make sure it is blowing cold air. nike air max 1 leopard solde Also try the cabin heater. Try to turn all lights, indicators, siren, electric windows, car radio, and car computer if there is any. See if there is spare tire in the trunk. Women Air Jordan · Look under the bonnet if the car is repainted. · After all checking and looking, now it’s time to start up the engine. air jordan 2012 If the weather is cold and the engine starts at first turn of the key, then this is a good sign. ugg boots Listen very carefully the engine sound. nike air max pas cher nike damskie buty czarne The sound of the motor running should be even, without any hick ups or squeaking or some strange vibrations. Robert Griffin III Baylor Jerseys Pull the handbrake and try to move the car to check if the handbrake works. · One of the most important things when it comes to inspecting the condition of a second-hand car is the test drive. Test all the gears including reverse. Nike Air Huarache Heren zwart Changing the gears should be smooth and easy. Try the breaks by pressing the pedal hard and make sure that the car is decelerating properly. Enjoy the ride and try to feel how the car behaves on the road. · After finishing the test drive, if you are satisfied, check the car history and the bargaining part. oakley ca Air Jordan 4 Cement It is recommended that you should look for a second opinion. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren zwart The best way to do it is to have the car checked by a professional mechanic. oakley fives squared clear frame A must do thing is to go through all the documentaton including warranty. Be sure if the chassis number and engine number are matching with numbers in Registration papers. adidas adipure After the inspection has been done, it’s time for negotiation. Don’t be hasty. Sleep on it. uggs buy uk Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys Don’t buy the first car you see. Know your needs. Use your knowledge as a weapon, because you should have some knowledge after all that research. mu legend zen for sale When you came to some reasonable price with the seller, shake hands. Buy it. Congratulations! All you have to do is finish some paperwork and take your new car where it belongs. Not garage.

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Tips on How to Save Money as a Landlord

How to Save Money as a Landlord Being a landlord is not all milk and honey, as somebody might think. Today’s financial climate is affecting everybody, even the landlords, and new laws like EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) don’t help them, as well. If you don’t pay attention, soon the rents won’t cover the costs of owning a rental house. nike air max 90 pas cher But, using a few tricks can help you save some money as a landlord. Shop around and get quotes for all the repairs that need to be done. Oakley pas cher Lazy landlords will take the first offer and throw away a lot of money. nike air max bw homme But, if you shop around for parts or labor, you can save significant amounts. nike pas cher Also, talk to your friends and relatives. nike air max thea It is very probable that some of them know or know someone who knows a jack of all trades, a handyman who can take care of the maintenance for less money than the one you will find in the regular way. And don’t forget – there are many things in the apartment that you can repair yourself like changing bulbs, the air conditioning filter, checking for leaks under the sinks, and so on. Don’t get too picky over your tenants. Also, don’t insist on keeping a high price if that means that your property will stay vacant. Air Jordan 5 (V) The worst possible scenario for a landlord is to have a rental apartment empty since it means losing a month or two worth’s of rent. Adidas Pas Cher As long as your tenants pay the rent, keep the place tidy and don’t destroy walls and furniture, they are good tenants. If lowering the rent for 50 dollars means that you’ll find normal people to live there, consider it an excellent idea. nike air max command Don’t use letting agents. New Balance 990 mujer Internet is an excellent place to find a tenant for free. adidas soccer Asics Gel Lyte 3 męskie There are numerous websites where you can advertise for free and thus avoid paying as much as 10 per cent of yearly rental income to an agent for finding you tenants. Use tenancy deposit schemes. ray ban collection 2013 homme Tenancy deposit schemes serve as a guarantee that the tenants will get their deposit money back once they leave your apartment and it is required by the law. Adidas NMD Heren Although there are some tenancy deposit schemes that require a service fee, there are a few where you can deposit tenancy money for free. Choose them to put your tenant’s deposit money and save yourself trouble of paying three times the amount if you fail to do so. nike kyrie Check the going rental rates. asics shoes The real estate market is collapsing and not many people can risk buying an apartment these days. For that reason, the rents are rising and you have to be sure that you are renting at the going rate. Check the rental websites, the newspaper ads, and ask the local letting agents to make sure the price you’re asking is in the accordance with the market’s demand. Be fair to your tenants. Not many tenants are good, and even less are perfect, so if you find good tenants who are paying on time, respect your property in the way that they are not destroying furniture, try to keep them in the apartment for as long as possible. asics gel quantum 360 Nike Air Max Thea Heren wit Be kind, do the necessary repairs on time and attend to your responsibilities as agreed. adidas cloudfoam Remember that you can find someone to rent out your room right here on bey3.com & it’s completely free to use so happy hunting! Just go to bey3.com and click on the property link for the relevant county and then click the Post An Ad button.

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