Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Fuel

Fuel IncreaseFuel prices just seem to be going up and up hey. Well here are some tips to help you reduce the amount of fuel you use and cut down that petrol bill!

1. – Don’t break the speed limit. While you might not particularly want to go slower driving at a faster speed means you will go through more fuel.

2. – Get rid of any surplus weight from the car. Additional weight will cause you to use more fuel.

3. – Simply by keeping away from the car ahead will cause you to reduce braking and stopping based on their driving which will in turn save you fuel.

4. – Remove roof racks and “top box” when they’re not needed because as we said earlier more weight means more fuel used.

5. – If you are going to be stationary for more then 3 minutes switch off the engine while you wait.

6. – Check the tyre pressures weekly. This helps reduce the friction of your car to the road which means more fuel savings.

7. – Accelerate in a business-like manner when pulling away, changing up a gear at 3,000 rpm (2,500 rpm for diesels)

8. – “Block change” into the highest possible gear when the car reaches the maximum safe or legal speed for the road and conditions.

9. – Heating & Air conditioning are particularly fuel hungry. Keep your windows clear and dry by cleaning the inside as well as the outside and by making sure that no wet clothes or footwear are left in the car overnight. This is especially important in periods of wet weather.

10.Reverse into your drive or your parking place at work. A cold engine uses much more fuel than when it’s hot, so minimise cold running. Combine a number of tasks into one trip, clear frost from windows and open driveway gates before you start the engine and reverse into parking bays or driveways so that you can drive straight out and warm the engine up as fast as possible.

If you have any other fuel saving tips please mention them below! Thanks.

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