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Welcome to the help section. We have broken this page into two sections, an easy to use How To section and Frequently Asked Questions. You can use the links below to navigate to the desired section. Please feel free to contact us if you can't find an answer to your question.

What You Can Find in the Help Section:

How To Use Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use

How to Post An Ad

  1. Click on the orange Post a FREE Ad button in the top right corner of any page.
  2. If you have posted an ad before then log into your account otherwise sign up for a new account
  3. Fill out the quick & easy steps including category, location, title and others.
  4. Add up to 5 photo's - this is important as ads with more photo's get more views then other ads.
  5. Click Post at the bottom and you are now done!
  6. Your ad should go live in a few hours time once our moderators check to make sure it follows the rules.
  7. Relax & wait for your first response :)

How To Contact a Seller

  1. First browse to the area/city you are interested and then choose the category you are interested in.
  2. Use the filters on the left hand side to refine the listings if needed.
  3. Click on a listing you are interested in.
  4. On the listing page you will see a show number or reply to ad button.
  5. Click on the show phone to see the sellers phone number OR click on the reply to ad button to display a contact form.
  6. Either phone the seller with your interest or fill in the form and click send to send the user an email right to their inbox.

How To Manage Your Ads

  1. If you are not signed into click the login link at the top right of the any page.
  2. Enter your email address and password and click log in.
  3. If you have forgotten your password click the Lost your password link and follow the instructions.
  4. Once you have logged in click the My Account link in the top right corner.
  5. You can now edit any ad you have posted under your email address.

How To Find Ads Using

  1. You can find ads that you are interested by either searching or browsing on
  2. To search you simply type in what you are looking for, ie. bmw, push bike, apartment in beirut, choose the country & click search.
  3. You to then be presented with a list of ads that match what you are searching for.
  4. To browse listings you must first choose which location you would like to see ads for.
  5. Then select the category which will take you to a page with all listings in that location & category.
  6. You can then browse all the listings or filter your ads using the filters you see on the left hand side.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Managing My Ads and Account

    I cant delete my ad.

    If you are a registered user you can sign in using the log in link located in the top right corner. Then click the My Account link again in the top right corner and you can then edit or delete the ads in your account. If you can't access your ad please email our support team on [email protected] with the URL of the ad and your user name. Lastly if you have been successful with your ad please remember to remove it from

    Where is my ad? I can't find it on

    Some Ads may be delayed by up to 24 hours before they are accepted on the This is done to help stop SPAM and other bad ads from appearing. If you can't find your ad then there is a good chance it was delayed. If it has been 24 hours please email [email protected] with your question.

    I forgot my password how do I reset it?

    If you forgot your password, first click the log in link located in the top right corner. Then click the Lost your password? link under the log in button. You will be asked for your email address and we will then send you a new password by email.

    Why was my ad deleted?

    Generally, the listings are deleted for one of these reasons:
    1. The listing does not belong to the city where it is posted
    2. The listing is repeated in one or several categories, you are only aloud to post in the most relevant location.
    3. The listing has received many flags by the users of
    4. The listing does not adjust to the terms of use
    5. It is an answer to another listing
    6. We have received a complaint related specifically to the listing reserves the right to remove listings according to the terms of use. We strive to make the site as user friendly & relevant as possible so please understand our decision is based on this.

    What happens with old listings?

    When the showing time of a listing expires or it is deliberately removed, it disappears from This is to keep the site up to date by removing ads that are no longer relevant. These ads cannot be reactivated, as well as it not being possible to access any information contained in them.

    Can I post an ad in all cities? is a local community with the aim of putting people in contact with other people who live in the same location. When you post a listing, it only appears in the city in which it is published. To maintain our local character, please, post the listing only in your own city.

    Am I Allowed to Post Duplicate Ads is a free classifieds site, where anybody can post as many listings as they want free of charge. This, though, implies some challenges to maintain a good user experience for the community: is an attractive target for SPAM, because there is no monetary cost. Because of this, and regardless of our best efforts to keep SPAM under control, spammers have developed automated systems or use very cheap labor to break our protection mechanisms. To give more visibility to their listings, users tend to post multiple times: This way they can have their listing on the first positions for free. We understand that there are legitimate users that are used to post their listings more than once a day to gain more visibility. The following advice is for them: The fact that you can?'t publish a listing more than once a day, doesn't necessarily reduce its visibility, because all users will have to follow the same rule, so less listings are going to be published on a day and your listing will maintain the top positions for more time. If you've composed a listing and the system doesn't allow you to publish it, please try again the next day, and you should be able to publish your listing without problems. If you try to publish a listing, and you think that the system is wrong about your post being a duplicate, please, send us an email from the same email you used to publish your listing and our customer support team will study your case.

    How can I get the most results from my ad?

    When you post an ad on you should try to include as much information as possible. We are sure someone is looking for what you have to offer, so in order for your ad to be found easily you should try to leave as many references as you can so that people can distinguish it from the rest. The ad shouldn't be generic; each and every ad should correspond specifically to something. When you offer all the necessary details, you help the users decide if your ad interests them or not, without wasting your time or theirs. Make sure that all your contact information is correct, because even though many people are possibly interested in your ad you may never find out.