Staying Safe when Buying & Selling on

Here at bey3, we want to provide our users with a easy, fun & safe experience. The vast majority of people you meet online are genuine. People successfully trade locally, with someone they met through, regularly. However, just like the real world, there are unfortunately some immoral people online.


We want you to get the best deal regardless of whether it is a new car, new career or new apartment. And since our bey3 community is so great - 99% of the time your wish is our command. Unfortunately there are people can use online classifieds sites to try and scam you. This is not common but you don’t want to be the one who fell for it.


To help you out we have put together some tips that should help you identify anything suspicious. Tips which will save you time and potentially money! So check them out below and remember: like anything in life you just need to use a little common sense. ….. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. is a local site - Trading locally in-person is a simple way to stay on the safe side. :)

What you can find on this page:

Simple To Follow Advice

  1. Never provide any personal and/or banking information.
  2. Do not give out personal, credit card or online account details (e.g. bank account number) over the Internet/email. We advise only buying and selling with people you can meet. Fraudsters usually get caught meeting people, so they usually go out of their way not to meet you.
  3. Never send or wire money to sellers or buyers.
  4. This includes never mailing a cheque or using payment services like Western Union or Money Gram to pay for items found on
  5. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. Especially when deal seems too good to be true or the price is too low. Be careful when buying expensive items like mobile phones, laptops, plasma tvs & cars.
  7. does not offer any sort of buyer protection or payment programs.
  8. does not act as an intermediary and does not make arrangements for any payments or transactions. If you are contacted by someone who claims to be from and you are asked to transfer money for an item for sale, this will be an illegitimate request and any emails you receive of this type will also be fraudulent. DO NOT, under any circumstance, follow any of the instructions contained within the email or given over the phone. If you receive any emails promoting these services, please immediately report it to us.

Warning Signs of Suspicious Ads

  • Requests for you to send the cash and they will post the item.
  • Email exchanges where you ask questions and you get a long response but it doesn’t answer your specific queries.
  • Claims the buyer/seller is overseas so cannot be in touch other than over email.
  • Ads which have no pictures of the item.
  • Ads that have pictures that have a watermark. These are generally from an online image library and are not personal snaps of what you are meant to be buying.
  • Unusual urgency or pressure about payment before you have had a chance to see the item.

If you come across any of the above warning signs please contact us with the ad in question. We will further investigate the ad and remove/ban it as needed.

Common Online Scams to Watch Out For

Western Union/MoneyGram = Wrong way go back

Say you are going to buy a car from someone off and they propose making payment via Western Union. Or they suggest you prove your identity by sending money to one of your relatives via Western Union and sending them the receipt. These are both bad signs. With either scam they can use the tracking number you sent to collect the money and you will never see that car you wanted. Always meet face to face if you’re going to exchange cash or items!

I’m sorry I’m overseas but send the money and i’ll send the keys = I don’t think so

The person will claim to be overseas, usually for work, and therefore unable to show you the item. This scam is often used with apartment rentals. They will send you long emails with random details about their personal life and say they can send you photos. They will ask you to send the deposit and they will send the keys. Risky right? Wouldn’t you prefer to see the place before you move in? These offers are generally good deals and therefore attractive. Don’t be fooled.

bey3 emailing you and asking for personal information = Never

We will never email you asking for urgent personal information like logins, passwords or credit card details. We will also never email you asking you to follow a link where you can provide us with more personal information. Your bey3 account is always managed via your personal login on our site. So be cautious of emails that are along these lines and purport to be from us.......why would we need your credit card details urgently??? (Note: We have never heard of this happening with bey3 but it has happened on other sites.)

Cheque overpayment = Why not just pay the right amount?

So the person you met on bey3 wants to send you a cheque for more than the cost of the item/rent/job and they suggest you just return the remainder to them or some third party. They might say this is needed to cover shipping fees or some other variable. Sounds back to front doesn’t it? Well it is. The cheque will probably bounce, in the meantime you will have sent them back the ‘extra’ cash and your bank will be chasing you for banking a cheque that bounced.

Work from home = It can be a great lifestyle but make sure you are realistic

Who doesn’t want to make millions from their laptop without getting out of their pyjamas? But you need to keep it real. If your ‘new job’ involves receiving and cashing a lot of cheques. This is fishy and could be a front for money laundering. Or if your new job sounds amazingly well paid - check the details. You may only make these riches through big commissions or by recruiting other people to do the same job (aka a pyramid scheme). Finally, would you give someone a job without some sort of face to face interview? Exactly.

Brokerage/importing fees = We wouldn’t pay them

Sometimes people will ask for extra fees on top of the actual cost of the item. They might say the fees are for brokerage or import duties or something similar. We don’t recommend paying these. The idea behind bey3 is you meet up with the person you are going to sell to/buy from to complete the deal. There are no import fees on local deals!

Nigerian 419 scams = If you want to help someone then donate to charity

You have no doubt heard of these. You are contacted by someone who needs your help to get a large amount of money out of a country and they will pay you a commission if you assist. Eventually you will be asked for some money to help take the large amount of money out of the country. You will never see your money again and the only person you would have helped is a scammer.

Buying and Selling in Person

So you have contacted the buyer or seller and you are ready to do the deal! The next step is meeting up. Well to maximise the safety of the meeting we recommend that you arrange your meeting in a well lit, public place and take someone with you, or tell a friend or relative where and when you are going.

Also, avoid carrying large amounts of cash if you can. If you’re buying something expensive then we recommend that you meet and inspect the item first. If you are happy with it then you can go to the bank together to get the money or arrange another meeting in a safe place.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

If you find something on bey3 which seems suspicious then please cease all contact and do not give out any of your personal details. You can also let us know by sending us an email at [email protected] with the relevant details. We will investigate the ad and ensure any appropriate action is taken.

Finally, if you believe you have been the victim of a scam you should also report this to your local police. Fraud is a serious crime.

Remember we are here to ensure your bey3 experience is a great one.